How to approve Google AdSense ?

How to approve Google AdSense Step by step

You have started blogging to make money from the Internet. But you don't no how to take approval of google AdSense to display advertises on your blog Website.

If you have submitted to review your approval application, although they don't approved it. So you have mistakes in your website and need to improve it.

So carefully read our article. Here you will gets way to approve Google AdSense Instantly.

What is a Google AdSense ?

Google AdSense is free platform to display advertises in your blog, website or YouTube to make money by showing advertises on webpages or articles of the website to visitors or users.  

How Google AdSense works ? How Google AdSense Pay ?

Google AdSense Program that it delivers advertises served by Google in your site or blog . Google then pays you for the ads displayed on your website or blog based on users clicks or ad impression and also it is depending on type of advertise .

If You are blogger or you have own your website, but still You can't approved your site with Google AdSense , although here we provide some ways to approved Google AdSense 

How to approve Google AdSense

If you have got problem showed as in above image, So still your Google AdSense not  approved.

So in these article, we have give a some proper ways to approved Google AdSense carefully read it to approve and earn money instantly.

When it will be approve, you would be able to start earning in $USD , but to take approve Google AdSense from google, there is some policies , that need to follow.
Your age should at least 18 otherwise AdSense will not be approved. If you are 18, then you can use your father or mothers Gmail account 

By Our provided following methods , sometimes AdSense could takes 24 Hours or 48 Hours to activation for account .

Steps to approve Google AdSense Account to your blog or site

  1. Buy custom domain name for your blog .
  2. Use suitable themes to blog .
  3. Write at least 20 articles in your blog .
  4. Write every article in blog uniquely .
  5. Add some pages in your blog site .
  6. Ensure your used image is not copyright 
  7. Add XML sitemap in google console and custom robot.txt 
  8. Request and Earn As well As Enjoy .

1. Buy Custom domain name and hosting 

If you just now have started to write blogs, and if you have taken free domain, then AdSense will take at least 6 months or more to approval. 

To fix these problem you should required a domain name and hosting for your blog website. 

Read full article : benefits of buying or paid domain and hosting ?

2.Use suitable themes for your blog

For instant Google AdSense approval , you cannot use third party themes or templates. You can use any suitable or your blogging platform recommended themes or templates . That's reason AdSense will identify your blog is suitable for placing ads.  

3. Write at Least 15-20 articles 

To take Google AdSense approval, AdSense demands in policies to write at least 15-20 articles with above 600 words. 

AdSense is tested before approval, are you able or not? for writing max to max articles. Write unique, beautiful, readable, SEO ranking 25-30 articles. Otherwise Google AdSense can't approval site for less articles. 

Please avoid write a copied or duplicate content, Otherwise AdSense will penalizes your account or block.

4. Write every article unique

When you writes articles yourself mind and It becomes unique, it's not copy paste material from another websites, So Google AdSense would be approval your blog website to display advertises.

When you write unique article, it increases Websites search Engine Optimization Score and Google just only ranks those article on search engine page results which is unique  

You would like to check your written article or content is unique or not, you can check it by using plagiarism (copy-content) checker tool.  

Search tools on web browser and also this tool helps to make content unique as well as to correct grammatical mistakes. 

5. Add these some pages in your site

Add following pages in your website, by Google AdSense check these pages added or not. These is under policies of Google AdSense . 
  • Homepage
  • about us 
  • contact us
  • disclaimer
  • terms and conditions
  • privacy & policy.
  • html sitemap

6. Avoid Copyright Images and Videos

If you uses the images for your articles within blog, first of all ensure the images or videos are not be copyrighted. Otherwise Google AdSense would claim copyright on you.  Hence, AdSense won't give approval.

You could use the stock images or stock video footages of any company which is paid or free . Otherwise you use own captured images and videos.

7. Add XML sitemap 

It is essential to approval and rank in google to add sitemap of your website in Google search console

When crawlers of google visits your website to index pages in search results, then you need an XML sitemap to visit each page of your website.    

Learn, How to create XML sitemap, how to add it into google search console and custom robot.txt of blogger.

8. Submit Request to AdSense

Do above steps and finally request to the Google AdSense for review your blog Website to display advertises on it.

When you follow above points and makes pages as I told, then 100 % Google AdSense will be Approve your account. Once Your AdSense approval, So you need to drive traffic to make money, So click following link to drive traffic on your blog website.

How to approve google adsense in 2022

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