How to Add Domain Name in blogger [Step by step]

How to add Domain Name In a Blogger [Blogspot]

Just, You have started to write blogs on blogger platform. There you gets free subdomain name to your blogger website But, There are major problems with with these subdomain name.

Before, add custom domain, you will need to understand each following points for more knowledge.

Disadvantages of free blogger domain

  • lot of work
  • Wasting of time
  • Late Google AdSense Approval
  • Less percentage of Cost Per Click
  • Ranking issue
  • Privacy policy issues

What Is a Domain and Hosting? 

Here, I'll describe to you in short details , Domain name  is address or URL of your website to access website on internet browser worldwide.

Domain name is unique in all browsers with .com, .in , .us , .net extension. While  web Hosting service allocate space on web server for websites to store its files. Web hosting shows your files, images videos, documents all over the Internet 

If you will become professional in this website business, then you will need a professional domain name and extension for your blogger website. 

So here in this article, I will tell you how to add domain name in blogger , so read carefully each step and apply your blog website.

Before that you are thinking, I have free domain, so why need to me a paid domain name. So, I'll tell difference between them.

Difference between free domain and paid domain

free domain has no main domain, it gets with subdomain name with url. While paid domain gets with main domain name with dot ( . ) extension url., in this example digitalkhidki21 is subdomain name of main domain .

While  is main domain name, which has no subdomain name and this gets paid by hosting company to us, like godaddy, hostinger .

Paid domain is sign of professional website, while free isn't because blogspot domain uses several peoples, it has no unique identity. 

Benefits of buying domain name

Sign of professional website

As I have told above, paid domain is sign of professional website and business. Because, paid domain connect with a market and make website branded. When user visits your Website, user never afraid due to security.

Identity of your website

Sure, Paid domain offers identity to website, means it has unique domain name all over internet, hence nobody can uses your domain name again. 

Due to, it has your business, company, Institute or personal name, easy to understand and search your target audience. Paid domain give brand identity to your business.

It Helps to SEO

Search Engine Optimization is important factor of website, SEO improves rankings and indexing of your webpages or articles .

Paid domain help to improve score SEO Website. So that, it appear in search engine page results. While free subdomain never appear search engine results, when user searches keywords in search engine.

Paid domain decrease few competition factors, with compare to free blogger subdomain name.

Get Ranking or any other free subdomain never ranks in search engine page results, when user fire any query in search engine. 

While, paid domain increases on page SEO  score of website, So it became easy to rank better in search engine page. 

Rank in first page is dream of all bloggers, so for this, you requires an official paid domain name and hosting to appear first in search engine page results (SERP). 

Increases traffic 

When your webpages or articles rank higher in search engine page results, so chances of increasing traffic also increases. When traffic will be increased, so to do online marketing on your website is easy to you.

You can promote affiliate products, or own products relevant with your article to make much more money

Instant AdSense Approval

Blogger is products of Google, So to approve Google AdSense also can get in domain, but it gives lots of time, till many bloggers quit blogging, and even time be wasted.

When you purchased official domain name with .in .com .us extension, you get instant Google AdSense approval. In many cases it approved in 24 or 48 hours, maximum single week.

High CPC rate

CPC stands for Cost per click rate of Google AdSense. Paid domain offers high CPC rate only if your domain extension is official; like .com .net .us.

Google AdSense gives up to 70% conversion when your traffic is from united states, united kingdom, Australia and much countries on depending upon your domain name. 

While free domain name gives 35% to 45% cpc conversion to you, means you have earn less as compare to paid domain.

International targeting

When you purchases a official domain name, so you can easily reach International users. International customers get to you higher conversion rate of products and Advertises.

.com and .net are official domain extensions, which shows search engine page results globally when user from any country search query on search engine.

Hence to target International customers or users becomes easy by official paid domain.

Steps to add Godaddy blogger custom domain

1. First, Open your browse, go to blogger dashboard, if don't log in , So do it by your Gmail account

2. Next, Choose blog to add custom domain.

3. Click on blogger Settings, go to publishing section, click on custom domain.

4. Place domain name here which is purchased on godaddy and click button save it. Your domain should be format.

how to add custom domain in blogger
5. After click save, you get error in red paragraph. It means your site domain DNS is not set on the blogger. Here you'll get two CNAMEs record, which will add in your domain DNS on Godaddy.

6. Open browser and Search for and log in it. And go to my products. There will display all products and services to you and simply click on DNS   ahead to your domain

7. You will see two pencil icons, which are editing options. Click on these pencil icons 

Check Names in CNAMEs as like in following image in custom domain setting of blogger. 

Select both names one by one, copy these and paste it in  Names ahead CNames in godaddy's DNS Management Records and save it.

8. Last step is to click on redirect button in blogger settings. When any user browse your blogger site on, automatically they will redirects on 

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