How to learn Add Push Notification In blogger

How to Add Push Notification In Blog

Your blogger account is ready, even post has been published, readers had read your articles but Your newly published post can't reach your readers , so you required Push Notification in Your blog, but You don't know How to Add push Notification in your blogger or WordPress .

Why Push Notification Set in blog?

Push Notification is most important & valuable tool in your site , because Push Notification increase your visitors rate. If any new visitor will come to your site and read your article or explore your site. It is not possible to reach them again . So if your articles will like to him/her person, even if that person allow your Push Notification , You can reach for your any new post . so that your traffic can growing as well as due to they are older readers, they read your every article .

Push Notification technology or Web Push is available in modern versions of browsers like Google chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge . 

Best Free Web Push Notification Services for bloggers 

  1. OneSignal Web Push
  2. PushEngage
  3. Subscribers
  4. SendPulse 

1 . OneSignal Web Push

OneSignal is most popular, fast and widely used web notification tools for send notifications  for blogger and other websites. It is free to use upto 30 thousand subscribers for web subscribers and unlimited mobile subscribers. Digital Khidki 21  has used these OneSignal tool. 

Here all services are free and with  these you can reach up to across over. OneSignal is not a just for web push also you can use OneSignal for ios/Android in-app notification as well as for mobile push, Email services and SMS services.

2 . PushEngage

3 . Subscribers

4 . SendPulse


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