How to do social media Marketing : Audience, Tools, Strategy

Social Media Marketing Course : Build Audience, Tools, Strategies 

Social Media Marketing Platforms

Today, Internet has spread over worldwide with growth of advance digital gadgets. Easily everyone has able to use Internet and digital devices. 

According to report in 2020 there are 4.28 billion peoples in the world uses smartphones and internet, means social media also uses in their smartphones. 

We have seen in our digital marketing article, social media is such tool in digital marketing, on this we can do marketing of products and services easily ahead of new strangers and prospects.

So, we should understand importance of social media and its marketing to extend business strategy and goals of life, for this read following points very carefully : 

  • What is Social Media Marketing
  • Social media list for marketing in 2021 
  • Need of social Media Marketing
  • Benefits of social Media marketing
  • Types of Social Media Marketing and tools
  • Social Media Marketing Strategy goals
  • How to do Social Media Marketing

What is Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing definition can be stated as, To promote, sell or offer products and services on social media and its websites known as Social Media Marketing (SMM).

Social Media Marketing is a strong strategy to grow large & small business rapidly in less time by targeting users on social media.

We know that, various types of social media networks, but everyone not use all networks, but we may be use these all social media networks to grow business.

Here I give social media network site list in 2021, according their users.

Social media list for marketing in 2021 :

  1. Facebook
  2. YouTube
  3. WhatsApp
  4. Instagram
  5. TikTok
  6. Twitter
  7. Pinterest
  8. LinkedIn
  9. Quora
  10. Telegram
  11. Tumblr
  12. WeChat
  13. Snapchat
  14. Reddit

Need of social media marketing 

As seen in above list, there are 14 larger social media platforms in the world to promote and to reach at high level business. 

Do you know statistics of this social media, how much peoples are utilizing ? 

Facebook, which is largest social media network in the world. It has 2.80 billion active users in 2021, told Facebook. On whole social media platforms, 59% peoples like to use facebook.

Tiktok is largest entertaining app, which has established in 2016 which has 600 million users worldwide. It is available in 40+ languages.

Near about, peoples who have smartphones and good internet connection all re using YouTube. 2 billion peoples use WhatsApp in own smartphone, while 1.074 billion peoples use Instagram.

Every person who have working in professional job industry or High college students, each use LinkedInAlso, other social media platforms have many users in the world.

If you have such a social media weapons to fight in big market, so why need to worry about sells, you just need proper guidance to use it in right way.

Here, I give just 14 platforms which is using in each country, rather than this there are more social media platforms that are using in particular country. Even You may search on the Internet social media platforms in your country to place your business.

Benefits of social Media marketing

As we learnt in digital marketing article, In comparison of traditional marketing, social media marketing is 1000x time faster and cheaper to grow Sells.

Here, we will see, why social media marketing faster while doing marketing ?

1.   Easy to advertise

We know that, in traditional marketing how difficult to advertise, make a big banners or posters, and put in city alongside street. For this manpower required, while doing social media marketing no manpower requires, just one person also do this job.

Like, traditional marketing, no need of big banners and lot of posters, just create an attractive image or video of products to advertise on social media.

It is not difficult to marketing on social media, is such an easy task. Just you have need right planning.

2.  To aware peoples

When constantly peoples look your advertise and would purchased products, they will aware with products and services. And these strategy helps to business owner to create brand awareness of his company in market ahead of people.

Brand awareness is important factor in every marketing, because peoples like to utilize brand products. When owner creates awareness, automatically sells will increases.

Hence, Social media marketing helps to every business owner to create brand awareness. It not looks either small or big person. 

3.  Big Marketplace

As stated in statistics, how much users use social media ? While advertising products and services in traditional marketing, we have just specific area like city, town and theirs customer and may sell particular quantity of products. Means it has limited marketplace.

But, Social media marketing may advertising products or services to anywhere. If you have physical products to sell, then you can reach up to customer to any state and city in country to give them.

Hence social media makes big marketplace to businessmen.

4.  International business & customer

I have told above, social media marketing is big Marketplace. Also you can marketing of your products world wide, it means internationally. But, for this need an some terms & conditions.

You may sell just online services like E-books, courses, domain and hosting services, software . It is difficult and expensive to sell physical products, but if anyone has profitable and brand products, so he can.

You need a PayPal account to transaction currencies from various countries while doing social media marketing. 

5.  Grow Audience

It may increase followers on social media. If you promote products or services in particular niche, so peoples relevant with niche your niche follow you to see your strategies of marketing.

But for this, you need to optimize your social media like Facebook, Instagram, twitter and to write good posts for audience.

Dan Lok, Neil Patel, Pat Flynn are popular personalities in marketing industry who have lot of audience on Social Media.

6. Prospect Need 

It's an important feature of social media as well as digital marketing. We can simply identify prospects relevant with our products who have need. 

How may we find prospects relevant products ?

On Social Media like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube peoples explore their interest, hobbies, lovable things. Hence, Social media is flexible to marketing products.

Ex. most students mentioned their education in Facebook or Instagram profile, So educational courses companies can easily target to them, for selling their courses.

So when advertising it's gone too easy, to target prospects or strangers to attract toward products through social media.

7.  Grow sells

When doing traditional marketing, more sells may not be increase, due to limited location. Just can sell in city and its surrounding. 

But, while doing marketing on Social media, you get big marketplace, which is national or International. Even prospect need feature as I mention in previous point.

Hence, chances to sell products 1000x faster rather than traditional marketing on social media.

8.  Refocus products 

Sometime, such condition happen while doing normal marketing, customer reaches in Shop to purchase product, but due to his financial or personal condition, not possible to purchase him and he do plan to purchase product, when money come to him.

In such condition shopkeeper can do nothing unless that customer comes again. But, on social media, we can do this thing.

Whenever, any prospect visit your site via your social media advertising, and he filled his information like email, phone to purchase products, and even if he cancel purchasing. 

We may reach back up to that customer to refocus products due to their giving personal information, via  Email Marketing or by phone number.

9.  Advertise to right customer No Wastage of Money

While doing social media ads campaign, We choose location, gender, group of peoples relevant with products by his interest, hobbies or personal information. Also we choose, how much visitors wants to us ?

So, we do not advertise ahead irrelevant persons of our business. So We pay just for actual ads visitors of products.

In traditional, Entrepreneurs advertising relevant as well as irrelevant peoples, So much money be waste, While social media marketing not.

10. Know Business statistics

Social media marketing is much flexible tool in digital marketing. It offer exact statistics of our business. Due to this, we get help to know trend of market and we can save to advertise unwanted products, which has no need in market.

Statistics include customer personal information, revenue, quantity, taxes. So in this similar manner, we may promote products.

11.  Cheap cost

In Social media marketing, we promote products to right customer in single place, no need to advertise on many places like Tv, newspaper, outdoor ads  expensive banners and posters. Hence it's gone more cheap rather than traditional advertising techniques.

12. Help to affiliates

We have learnt  Affiliate Marketing  , How we may make money by promoting products of companies. If you want to do Successful affiliate marketing, so you may take help of social media marketing.

Often services like hosting, software, Online courses are very difficult to promote and earn commission in affiliate marketing. These services offers big margin on referrals.

Often professional affiliate marketers use social media marketing strategy to promote services and products.

13.  Help blog Traffic

Occasionally, people wants drive traffic on own blog or website to make more website users to generate high income from blog advertising like Google AdSense.

For those, who wants blog traffic, Social Media Marketing help to them. Blog authors should run Facebook, Instagram, YouTube Advertises.

If you have blog and want traffic to it, so you should write unique and quality content that people loves it and that can people subscribe you to get new notification.

14.Link buildings

Social Media helps in link building to website admins and Search engine Optimization experts to increase Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority of website and blog in off-page SEO technique.

15.Ranking in SERP

If done above things properly using social media marketing, anyone can rank in search engine page results SERP. Once website shows in SERP, often things will be improve automatically like traffic, sells, conversion , DA , PA . 

16. YouTube Optimization

With the Social Media Marketing, you can optimize own YouTube channel or can be increasing subscribers to earn from YouTube by advertising your Videos. Just upload quality video content in unique niche, that's attract users. 

17. High Conversion rate

I told much advantages of social media marketing to you, if anyone doing business of sells or affiliate marketing, with this he has blog with good rank as well as YouTube Channel, So 1000% he can make high conversion in money of his business.

References : to do advertising via digital marketing agency pratigram Marketing



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