Ways to Increase traffic of Website Simple works

Ways to Increase Website Traffic fast 

Many peoples are looking for many ways to earn money through Internet. After they choose the blogging or making their own Website to make money. They write lot of articles, but Google AdSense doesn't give the approval or even if give approved, can't earn much, due to low traffic.

How to increase website or blog traffic

Advantages of high traffic

As you know if traffic is high on your site , then you can earn more money via Google AdSense or Multiple digital platforms to earn more much . You can do affiliate marketing , content marketing or selling products and services and often methods could be applied on your website .

So Here We Provide Some highways to grow your traffic 

1.  Advertise

Advertise is much important thing in these business, but Advertising isn't free of cost. It is paid source , but it's legal. If you are hoping to increase more traffic and your goal is become successful in these business , so you need invest few amount in these business.

Ways to Increase traffic of Website Simple works

You can use Social Media  Facebook, Instagram , YouTube and Google AdWords  for Advertising about your niche . If your niche and content in website is attractive and useful , then automatically your traffic will be grow after advertising  

2. Get free traffic from Social Media 

If you want more traffic from social media and it should free, of course you will be get free traffic, but you need a much hard work like write a post on Instagram, Facebook  And other often questions & answers platforms . On these platform many peoples ask the doubts then you can answer it in the form of post and paste your website link within post and promote your content .


You can create an interesting Facebook post related to your website content by attaching your website link which is attractive and public on Facebook will be visit in it and published it and Also published it in Facebook stories. You can create your Facebook page of your business.
Do you know? Facebook launched a new feature for Advertisement . Yo use these feature to boost your website traffic 

Example, If your site is related to tourism , so you can write answer post like famous places in London or Paris , and promote your website link in it .


Instagram is easiest platform to grow your traffic. As you know all us , Instagram is becoming more and more popular day by day, and each and every person handling the Instagram . So you can use Instagram to grow your traffic by posting your website content or in stories. 
For your website business you can use the Instagram Business feature which is new and flexible feature of Instagram , by using these feature you can promote ads of your site and boost your traffic.
You can use advertise feature of LinkedIn to sponsored your posts right to the exact person which is interested in your site .


If you use LinkedIn , here you will meet thousands of job or business searching  peoples, you can share your idea if you have, so write posts on LinkedIn about how to start business or job related posts and promote your website and tell them how you start your website as business, that's reason people will come on your website 
spend time , that's your website impression rate increase . 

Ways to Increase traffic of Website Simple works

3. Post a Guest Post ( Guest blogging)

Do you know ? What is Guest Blogging ? 
Guest blogging is content selling in which somebody writes a content for you you bring the content of third party person embed in your website or blog and publish it . Guest blogging is a valuable tool for fame your site.  guest post should be 1500-2000 words , so your website can rank top in google search .

Anyone could be write guest post , but all aren't write in good manner, so your website impression can decreases and your website ranking could be low . 

4. Become guest who have maximum followers 

Tell to any person or friends who have maximum number of followers , if your friend , any relative person or any stranger has max number of followers or subscribers, tell to them promote your website by paid some amount by become guest. Anyone who know you , who have much followers on Instagram , Facebook , LinkedIn, send your post with link and pay demanded amount to them. Write Attractive post that's reason many stranger come your Website.

5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is the process in which we make our website search better to search engine .
You need process of on-page SEO for Searching in better index . In On-Page SEO , creation of unique title is done . In HTML language , h1 , h2 , h3 , h4 ,h5 ,h6 are head tags, which is high font-size to low font-size. You need use these head tags in appropriate manner . h1 is main heading tag , it writes at starting of article. write other tags to each main point  in article and use italic, bold and underline forms to words. 

Read Full Article : Search Engine Optimization s

6. Link pages internally 

After Writing Article, You need link other pages of your website internally , it is very important for SEO. Because they can do help Google to understand and google will be rank your Website at better index .

7. Add contact form within site

Any visitor come your site, and they wants your help, So if contact form embed in site and they can describe own issue with you by submitting contact form. Add Email in contact form. And also can be add sign up form in animation widget. They shares own data with you. Further You can send your next articles to their Emails.

So, Strangers become your permanent traffic .

8 . Add Notification Pop Up Within Site

Pop Up Notification is an important feature to drive traffic. When someone visits your website to read articles, what guaranty he will come again ? So to call them to visits your next updates, you must required pop up notification.

Example, Even if you have required 6 months to drive 10k traffic on website, however you have embed pop up notification feature in website and 10k traffic allow your pop up. So you will drive same traffic on next article. 

9. Give the Answers on Question hub Platforms

Question hub is great platform for promoting your articles. Quora , Google question hub, medium.com  are Most Popular question hubs and also often are . On these people asks lot of questions , You can be write answer of them and promote your website link there.


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