How to Make Money from blog ?

How to Make money from blog ?

You have started blogging, articles are writing everyday , but you don't know how to make money from blogging? 
You know that blogging is the best platform to make money from home by giving 4-5 hours daily or two times in week, but you may think it is simple , so sorry it's not simple work as you think , here in these fields or sector you must give your 100% to make money and you will get successful in these. If your mind is creative and planner, if you can write articles in 1000 words and if you keep patience and consistency in these , You will get 100% Successful in these field and if you don't know high ways to make moneyso don't care we will cover in these topic Make a money from blogging .

first of all you don't know , How to create a blog ? If no follow these steps :

  • Think and Choose your niche , Niche is idea or sector on which you will write article , in other words subject.
  • Think how much and how many articles you can write on your niche .
  • Go to platform where you start a blogging e.g Blogger, WordPress , or any other .
  • Sign up to your platform
  • Choose title name and theme for your website 
  • Choose or buy domain name 
  • Start writing Articles
  • And published your first article
  • write up to 15 articles and monetize your blog

How Much Much Money can make through Blogging ? 

It is totally depend on you , how much work you done ? , but average earning is $300-$400 Month who doing much hard work . In Many big Countries like , USA , United Kingdom, India Many bloggers make up to $10000 . 

Strategies to Make money from blogging

You have want adapt following strategies , So you get Success in Blogging 

  • Article Writing Skills
  • Correct grammar
  • patience
  • consistency
  • time management
  • Keyword research
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Designing 
  • building an audience 
  • Market research

High ways To Make Money From Blogging

1. Google AdSense 

All you Know us , Google AdSense is first source of blogger to make money , but it's much hard platform, because you have need to much earn, you have need more impression, CTR , CPC and more organic clicks on Advertise.

How Much Google AdSense pay per 1000 views ?

It's most asking question by often people , If you got 1000 page view and 5 ads are displaying in your web page, So your impression is 1000 x 5 ads ,which 5000 . And CTR and CPC are 0.74%  and $0.72 (according to USA country)  respectively, then you would got $23 - $26 per day . In India CTR and  CPC much low as compared to overseas country countries . In India you would got $4-$7 per 1000 views  .

How to Make $100 daily ? 

These so much hard thing , to make $100 every day you need much more hard work. You have need write 500-600 attractive And SEO friendly articles , if you got 40000 page impressions daily with 400 clicks, CTR 1% and  CPC $0.26 , then would be got $100 daily.

2. Advertisement 

Advertisement is best Money Making Option, You can make extra money with Google AdSense . You get lots of Advertisement platforms alternatives of Google AdSense .
  • PopAds
  • Adcash
  • adversal 

3. Native Advertising   

Native Advertise is such type of Ad in which matching look , function and fell of medium is appear . Which Ads many times appear on Facebook, Instagram and other Social media tools .

How to make money from blogging

Native Advertising available platforms are :

  • Outbrain
  • Nativo
  • NativeAds
  • Triplelift
  • taboola
  • gravity
In Native Ads there is paid content. Videos , Articles Can be promote in these. 

4. Sell Physical products 

You can sell physical products like Shoes , Cloths , Books , and often things from your website. These is also best idea , if your blog is related with fashion , So you can sell fashion related products or is related with fitness and health, can sell protein products, gym equipment , Heath related tablets .  

5. Affiliate Marketing

These is most popular among the people, today much peoples make money from Affiliate Marketing . Much peoples make money from these . Earning range is between $1000 - $30000 .

Do You Know ? How to Make Money from Affiliate Marketing ?

  • Understand, What is Affiliate Marketing?
  • Choose the Affiliate program Platform 
  • Sing Up and Log in
  • Increase audience Social Media or own website 
  • copy the links of Your products and paste with product image.
  • If anyone buy products through your link, then certain amount would be come in Your account. 

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6. Sell Courses

If you have teaching skills, then you make the own online Course within 10-14 videos and sell it on own website. Even if no skills, although you sell someone's else an get commission from them.
You can show courses Ads on Social Media , and contact with them for selling their course. 

7. Sell you own E-books

You can make own E-books about any subject and sell on your Website.
How to Make Money from blog ? eBOOKS

8. Sponsored Posts

If you have much audience on website, then publish sponsor post and earn money from them. 

9. Online Consulting

Your blog is related with fitness and health, technology or any other , So You consult peoples online about their question and solve it through consulting , which keep free in starting practice purpose and after some period it get paid.

How to Make Money from blog ? digital khidki 21

10. Be Partner With any site and Ad it

Yes, open website company in partnership and advertise it on your current blog site through placing links and images , So you can able to make money from both websites

12. Sell an Audio Book

You can sell audio book , if it you have made. But if you don't know what is audio book, I'll tell you. Audio book is like digital ebook but in this we get information in the form of audio.


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