What is Affiliate Marketing? [Let's begin online business ]

What is Affiliate Marketing And [Let's Start Now]

Affiliate Marketing is act of making money whenever products or services of company sales by you in some percentages of fixed amount which decides by company. The fix amount is called as commission. Affiliate Marketing Company pays money to you just when customers completes order and paid money throughout your specific affiliate links.

Affiliate Marketing is a form of digital marketing in which sales driven by digital advertisements and campaigns [free or paid] on digital devices.

Often peoples knows about affiliate marketing but they can't start due to less knowledge or some people's starts and leave as soon. But they haven't know what powerful affiliate marketing is and where we can reach just by this one. Much peoples have dream to become successful entrepreneur, they can starts affiliate marketing and to get passive income means if you can make money while you sleeping. Before that we should understand what is affiliate marketing and tactics to drive more sales as much.

Let's begin this marketing. It is similar like traditional commission marketing in which distributors earns some commission whenever they sold quantities of products to the customers. But this happens in physical market and we're going with online marketing to get sales. 

I've already talked about online marketing [digital marketing] you can check. Today In this tutorial I'll talk just on affiliate marketing and driving sales-

Wikipedia has mentioned structure and involved players which works in this : 

  1. The merchant 
  2. The Network
  3. The Publisher 
  4. The Customer

According to I've mentioned to drive sales needs online marketing [Internet Marketing] tactics, Nowadays internet handles everywhere or in every hand, every person is been searching for anything on the Internet. Exactly by using such things we need to get sales from an search engine results or social media.

Its advertise [affiliate link] can be promote on many ways, the very first and cheap way is Search Engine Optimization [SEO]. To execute these method or way requires much time, SEO method has done on organic search basis. To use these method affiliate needs to build own SEO optimized website and publishing content on it, content may be blogs or services tools. Further, this will take time to rank on search engine pages results.

  • Product Categories to promote Products
  • Best Profitable products to Make More Money
  • Strategies to Promote Affiliate Marketing Products
  • How Much Money Can Make from Affiliate Marketing
  • How to Make $100 daily from Affiliate Marketing
  • Top Affiliate personalities In the World 

Affiliate Marketing Course to Make Money Part II digital Khidki 21

Categories To Promote Products In Affiliate Marketing

There are lot of products Categories are available to promote and to Make Money in Affiliate Marketing . 
  • Electronics 
  • Mobiles and Pc
  • Fashion 
  • Cloths And Garments
  • Baby care
  • Travel
  • Real Estate
  • Gaming 
  • Software and services
  • Dating 
  • Health and Proteins
  • Gym Equipment
  • Digital Courses
  • Learning Material
  • Insurance
  • Food delivery Services 
  • Demat Account Referral
  • Domain and Hosting
  • Cloud Services
  • Sports
  • Books
Above I have told Much Products and categories, to promote a products. But among these Products every not offers good commission as compared to our work. 

Best Profitable Products to Make Money From Affiliate Marketing

You May thinking this, Which Product is best for making great commission. So , Software and Services is much profitable and Top Product to make more Money. These Industry offers up to 25% to 70% commission to affiliate. But, you may think is very simple, even if sorry , to promote Software and Services products is much hard work as you think. Mainly, it product sells in United Kingdom, USA , Germany , Australia, and rich European Countries , So You need audience from these countries to promote Affiliate Marketing Products .
Sports, Cloud Services, Domain and Hosting as well as Digital Courses , Fashion also benefits up to 10% to 35%.

Cloths, baby care, Books and other small industries offers few amount of profit on products, which is 8% to 15%.

Also, you have heard about Demat Account, which requires to Stock Market, to sell and buy Stocks. Even In this industry you get commission on referral to someone to get open demat account . Some Stock brokers offers to refer and earn program on their Apps and website . They get 500 to 1000 per referral. 

Some stock brokers platforms offer Refer and Earn program : 

  • Upstox.com
  • Angel Broking 
  • Grow
  • 5Paisa
  • Motilal Oswal

But, You don't need to care of small products which has less commission, here I have provided strategies to make lot of money from Each and Every products in Affiliate Marketing.

Strategies To Promote Products In Affiliate Marketing

1. Choose always right product

know your audiences , what they need? , and in right way choose the product , that's can your sells will be grow. Often times, much affiliate persons what do , choose wrong product in order to make more money . Hence , those sells can't grow . 

2. Run Ads through offers 

Running Ads on Instagram , Facebook , LinkedIn is good option to promote affiliate products . But , by just running ads , your sells not grow. Choose Products who have best offer , according to offers you design your advertise , so your sells 100% grow.   

3. Build Audience on Instagram and Other Platforms
Initially, At least at on social media platform build great audience, when your audience will grow,  then you can easily promote your products on social media, by making product Post or in stories .
Example . If you build an Instagram page with more than 10k audience , so you can promote your product link within post or Instagram stories. 

4. Build E-commerce Website  With better design

You can Easily make your Ecommerce Website at WordPress or blogger in free of cost with good design and buy domain for professionality purpose. Now, You can run Ads directly of your Ecommerce Website. So your Sells Will be grow.

5. Build an Instagram Store, And Facebook Store
Now days, Instagram and Facebook have became very flexible business platforms. You can build own online store at Instagram and Facebook. They gives payment gateway option to your Customers . By this easily customers will come on your online store .

6. Stay update in Market for new launching 

When any new Product launch in Market, public looks review and think to buy product. So Always do Ads of that product which is new in Market and which demand is high in public.

7. Invests Earning Money to Make More Business

You must be invests in Ads and designing, And audience growing on Social Media , when you have make money.  If you invest in these business, this business can make high amount of money.

8. Keep Patience and Consistency

In every Business, patience and consistency play vital role, Similarly even In affiliate Marketing . In your early days, you may be won't meet sells, so don't discouraged and keep trying , you will get your first sell.    

Always images, videos and Advertises Of your Products must be  High Quality, So customer must be attracted and bought your products. 

How Much Money Can Make from Affiliate Marketing?

It it totally depends on you, how much efforts you can give. How much your Audience. The low level but effort giving affiliate earns up to $300 per day and high level can $300 to $3000 . Some pro persons in Affiliate Marketing earns up to $10,000. Who's Network is in All over the World. 

You can start promotion in small products in your basic friend list for small earning purpose, when you have little money, and that amount invests in your business to grow much more. If you run Ads on Instagram, Facebook and other social media with your earning that can you generate more sells as well as more audience.

 Work with team, make biggest network, and you promote 1000 products daily with $4 commission easily you make 4000$ per day, $1,20,000 per month.

How to make $100 daily in Affiliate Marketing ?

It is much simple , if you make an International level audience on social media and can promote 5-10 products of software and services or any other categories Which has $10-$20 commission, you will be made easily $100 per day. 

Strategies to make $100

  • begin with great products idea
  • Be update with new products, peoples always want new products like mobiles, pc, watches, 
  • Publish reviews of new products on blog 
  • Choose Expensive Products which gives you at least $10 - $40 commission
  • Go to with right Audience
  • Always, to promote expensive products run advertises on Social Media, like instagram, facebbok
  • To excite the customers with your products via advertisement 
  • Try to promote 15-20 quantities of products or services
  • Create YouTube videos of products everyday.

Top Affiliate Marketers in World 

  1. John Chow
  2. Pat Flynn
  3. Neil Patel
  4. Jeremy SchoeMaker
  5. Darren Rows
  6. Finch Sells
  7. Dan lok

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