Keyword research Step-by-step to Search Engine Optimization

Keyword research Step-by-step to Search Engine Optimization

Keywords Research

  • What is meant by keyword research ?
  • Advantages of Keyword research
  • Types of Keywords
  • How to find keywords 
  • Tools To Research Keywords

When people's starts a blog, they don't know about keywords and it's importance. They write a blog in any way , like shoot ray in the sky. Even if knows to them, although they don't know how to write article by using keywords and they don't rank in search engine page results (SERP) due to lack of knowledge and that's  why they quit the blogging as earlier.

So here, we have gave the strategy to keyword research as well as how may keywords use in article or webpage by using keyword research step by step.

What is keyword Research ?

When Internet user search something information on Search Engine by putting query in input bar, to study or research keywords relevant with this query to use in webpage for targeting that Internet user, whole process is known as Keyword research.

Keyword Research technique is most Important part of digital marketing and Search Engine Optimization to target customers, users or readers.

The aim of keyword research is to generate precise inputed keywords data from search engine on Internet to rank higher in search engines page results.

keyword analysis , kw finder are alternative terms of keywords research which use for various purpose.

Some people don't understand keyword research and its importance as in their initial period of blogging, how it is powerful to search Engine Optimization .

In this Article, we will discuss keyword research step-by-step .

First of all we'll look it's benefits and Advantages to better understand why keyword research is importance.

Benefits of keywords Research Technique

1. Requirement of Market

These is the important benefit of Keyword Research Technique. If you identify need of market, what people wants, their problems about your niche, so it goes to simple to write blogs or to promote products and services within market. 

Keyword research technique useful to promote products and services with peoples who need these and to create brand awareness of products in Market.

2. Subject to write

Once you know need of peoples and their problems, then you can able to write with related to their requirements, if you are blog writer or digital author.

Due to Keyword Research technique, You get thousands of subjects to write articles, blogs, news and much more in your website.

2. Volume of Search  

With keyword research, you get numbers of search queries in perticular country , state or  city.

Means, how much number of peoples are searching about your niche.  According  to with this numbers you can write your articles to reach them.

3. Competition

Here , You aware with your competitors and you know get information or data about competition of your niche. 

 You get high, medium and low searching keywords, therefore you can choose with competition keywords to your webpage.

4. To good on page SEO

To add important and market targeted keywords in article is helpful to On page SEO website. It increases score of On page SEO webpage. 

5. Higher rank

Keyword research is important term in Digital Marketing and Search Engine Marketing. Write article by help researching keywords can make higher rank in Search Engine page results (SERP).

6. To Increase Web traffic

Once rank goes higher in search engine page results , then no obstacles come in way of increasing traffic of website. Further, you can converts that traffic into consumers. 

7. Make Money

When numbers of traffic is increase on website, then automatically your business will grow and you will able to make more money.
If you are utilizing Google AdSense as advertise platform, so most of keywords make money for you, just use important keywords in webpages. 

Types of Keywords

There are two types of keywords Short-tail and Long-tail keywords. 

Short-tail keyword 

Short-tail keyword is combination of one, two or three words. They are most commonly search keywords and which conversion rate is 15%-20%. These type of keywords don't contain specific information. 

Ex. buy mobile 
       Make money

Long-tail keyword

Long-tail keyword is combination of four, five or six words. These has 70%-80% conversion rate and contain more specific information.

Ex. buy mobile under $300 
       Make money USA in 2021 

How to find keywords for website

1. Choose tool for keyword research 

Very first stage, choose tool or platform to keyword research. There are two types of tools to researching keywords :
  • Free keyword research tools
  • Paid keyword research tools
Free keywords tools are not official for SEO, that are not user friendly and it can't gives long keywords. While paid keyword tools are official as well as flexible to SEO website.

Further, log in into tool and setup all criteria.

2. Decide your article niche

Sure, decide subject and what relevant words you will use in article or webpage, that words help to researching.

3. Input words in tool search bar

Input relevant keywords with article in search bar, simply click on search and tool will show all keywords related with your article.

Then tool will show large list of keywords on your desktop.

4. Selection of keywords

Read keywords and select according to following points :
  • Keywords should be long-tail
  • Select keywords with 1k to 10k search volume, while don't above 10k.
  • Select which keywords have low competition which gives instant traffic to webpage, while don't high or medium
  • paste selected keywords in notepad to further use
Save notepad file, so that you don't need to search again.

5. Use keywords in article or webpage

Next, Start to write article, open web editor and write keywords in title, heading and paragraph.

<title>buy best mobile phones under $300</title>
<h1>buy best mobile phones under $300</h1>

Do bold and italic to target keywords.
<b>buy best android phones</b>
<i>buy best iphones in cheap price</i>

 Also add in meta tag with attribute keywords.

<meta name="keywords" content="keyword1, keywords2, keywords3, keywords4" />

follow above steps you will get 100% result to rank higher in search engine page result SERP. 
Remember just thing, write articles more than your competitor's article.

Best keyword research tools

Google Ads keyword planner

Google Ads Keywords Planner is a free keyword research tool. Mainly, it is developed for PPC advertisers to advertise on proper keywords. 

But, this one we can use for our articles to put proper keywords in article, that can our article be rank in search engine ranking page.

Google suggest

We may be use google suggestions, when we search related to our niche on google and some suggestion are come to more search, that search queries we can use as keywords in article.

Also, at last of search page, some queries display, that also be use for keywords in article.

Google trends

Google trend is statistics of Google search, here you can easily reaesrach keywords. Google display statistics of daily, weekly, monthly, yearly searching queries by country as well.

This is best tool to you, if you are beginner and you have no money for paid tools.


SEMrush is an paid tool for search engine optimization, which can use for keyword research. It gives proper way to article to increase SEO score.

SEMrush done both off page and on page SEO.


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