Off-page seo Optimization for website

How to do off page SEO in 2021 [Off Page SEO Techniques]

Today, often peoples establishes their business website, company or personal blog websites. But to get best result of website needs rank in search engine and to rank  search Engine Optimization SEO is  much important need. 

SEO has types On Page SEO and Off Page SEO. So In this article, we will see how do to off page activity.

[Off Page SEO Techniques]

Search Engines like Google, Bing offers guidelines to Website owners to rank in Search Engine Page Results (SERP). Off page search engine optimization is one of the guideline of them.

In this article, we see following points :

  • Why Need off Page seo
  • What is off page seo
  • Benefits of off Page Seo
  • Off page seo techniques

What is off page SEO (off page search engine optimization)

Off page seo optimization involves activities outside the website to increasing authority score of website or webpage to rank in search engine page results (SERP).

Authority has two components, domain authority (DA) and page authority (PA).
To rank website in SERP, we need to increase domain authority as well as page authority of page.

Domain authority (DA) is search engine ranking score, while page authority (PA) is ranking score of specific page which is developed by Moz. 

How to do Off page SEO

Mainly Off page SEO include linking of own website or webpages to another high domain authority website to improve DA, PA score of our website to rank in search engine result pages.

In another words, to leave do follow and no follow backlinks of our website or webpage at reputable website. 

Benefits of off page SEO

  • It improves domain and page authority of website.
  • organic traffic from search engine
  • Awareness of website 
  • Several traffic sources to website
  • High conversion of sells 
  • website branding after ranking
  • get worldwide website user
  • Google AdSense Earning

Off page SEO techniques in 2021

Here, If you are new blogger, I will tell you, how to do off-page seo step by step. 

1. Social Media Optimization

If you just start the website or blog, very first step optimize social media. Social Media may include Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp business, LinkedIn and more.

If you have above social accounts, so optimize your website (domain name) link in account profile. If you have not, open it. Here, you can create backlinks of own website.

Social media has high domain authority, So utilize these for getting backlinks. From, here you can get lot of backlinks.

Second step, write posts relevant with articles on social media and paste webpage or article link in that post and publish it.

2. Social Bookmarking 

What is social bookmarking?

Social bookmarking service is method or activity to add, update and share bookmarks of documents. 

Here I have given, some social bookmarking sites, where you can create do follow backlinks. Each site has 80-90 domain authority (DA).

Top Social Bookmarking sites list

3. Blog Submission

Blog Submission is another tactic to earn more backlinks. Blog directory or blog submission allows SEO expert to submit blogs and earn more backlinks.

There are much blog submission sites have on Internet, which has high domain authority increases DA score of our website and we may use this to rank our website.

Top blog submission Sites and its Domain Authority score :

4. Article Submission

Article submission sites can get backlinks to your website. Write unique and high quality article in 1000 or above words and submit it into popular article submission websites, which has good domain authority (DA).

It improves website online visibility, traffic, credibility and new users.

There are much article sites have been developed in recently. Here, I given some article submission websites to submit your article.

Top Article Submission Sites

5. Business listing sites

Listing of your business is simple method to earn backlinks and get more traffic on website. When any user search business relevant with your niche, so he comes your website.

Google My business is one of the popular website to list your business. It is product of google, so it domain authority is very high.

Search more business listing site in your country to list your website and earn more backlinks.

6. Question answer platform

Question answer platform is great technique to drive more traffic and earn backlinks to each page of website. These are the public platforms, here you can answer the asked questions and paste links of your article in answer.

From here, you can get high authority score backlinks to to your website and webpages.

Top question answer platforms
  • Google question hub
For more you can take help of internet.

7. Image Submission Sites

Image submission sites is great way to earning backlinks. There are much high domain authority image submission site available on the internet to submit your images and get backlinks.

Top image submission sites 
  • Pinterest
  • tumblr
  • flicker
  • Instagram
  • Google+
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
[Off Page seo Techniques]


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