On page Optimization SEO Website Technique in Simple Words

On Page Search Engine Optimization [SEO]

  • What is SEO ?
  • What is On page SEO ?
  • Why need On page SEO
  • Benefits of On Page SEO
  • How to do On page SEO

What is SEO ?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which process improve ranking of website within Search engine Page Result When Internet user search a particular Information.

What is On-page SEO 

Above we discuss about an actual SEO, here On-page SEO also known as on-site SEO audit is type of SEO, which we practice to control or optimizing activities within Web Page editor. 

It is much important technique to rank website on Search Engine page Results (SERP) and even designing to webpage to look user friendly website.

On page SEO involve keyword research, meta tags, title of website, headers, bolds & italic words, footer, to create pages, words & keywords density and much often.

Don't need to care about ranking of website with search engine, On page SEO is white hat technique, means it not involve illegal and unauthorized activities 

Why need On-page SEO Website 

Nowadays, We have all aware with competition of Websites, Everyday latest website come in market with new update, new feature as well as more contents. So Market competition is rapidly increasing day by day.

So, If we will do battle with these peoples with these markets, so we should also do some new innovations in our Website to become successful.

Even we will require to Optimize Website using Search Engine Optimization, and On Page search Engine optimization also part of them.

On-page SEO is much simple process, just we should have few knowledge Of HTML (Hyper text markup Language) . Which helps to good rank and interactive design by which readers can easily reads website content and in future he will become our permanent audience.

In this article, We have teach simple Methods of On-page SEO Search Engine Optimization, even though you will understand it and try practice on Your Website, Otherwise, You can contact to our team by submit in contact page our team might be help you to solve your Search Engine Optimization SEO query.

Benefits of On page SEO

Interactive design

On page SEO offers designing to webpage in article manner as we look in newspaper, structure News has include Major headline, Paragraph, images in proper manner and to highlight and to italic worthy words. Such work of practice will done in On page Search engine Optimization.

Following key points will change the structure of Website and content :
  • Title name 
  • keywords research
  • h1, h2, h3 header tags
  • Article density
  • font-colors 
  • background size
  • Links
  • Importance of Words
  • Images, videos and informative Images 

To rank Higher

It is main aim of SEO to rank higher in Search Engine Page Results. But to rank top nothing is simple work and process. It need to give a lot of time, patience, consistency in writing work, innovative research, ideas, capacity , unique writing skills. 

Organic traffic

When website looks top search results of search engine automatically peoples will come to Website, user reach at website pages by putting some query in search engine, this process and users known as Organic traffic.

Organic traffic always refers to unpaid traffic people people, this task is done by search engine optimization of Website.

Simple to Search

It's gonna very simple to search information within website or searching articles to Internet Users on Search results page of search engine. 

When someone search information about website subject, and Website ranks at 10th page of search results, then nobody looks that 10th page to read information, all peoples simply click links on first page of search results, to read information that's why we need On page SEO.

To Grow Sells

If any person sells products  on website, and they done On page SEO website with interactive design, of course their website looks in top search results in Search page, and selling rate of products will be increases.

business website must be needs an On page SEO to attract customers and to rank high in Search engine page results.

Higher Impressions

Website appears top at search engine page results, automatically organic traffic will grow, users can read articles or explore Websites and the proportion of page impression will be high due to high volume of visitors. So here will generate high income source to website owner.

High CPC rate 

High impressions will get high CPC rate depending on website user's location, if user come to website through United states, Canada, United kingdom, Australia and often countries, then Google AdSense offers High Cost per click rate, that can website owner make much money through Google AdSense.  

High CTR rate

If website ranks top in google or other engine searches by done On page SEO, probability of click through rate CTR will be increases, due to higher impression of website and clicks on Advertise which offers by Google AdSense or any other advertise platform.

Click through rate CTR is calculated as CTR = (clicks of ad / page impressions) x 100     

Increase's business Capital

Website ranks higher, CPC, CTR , page impressions or products promote at high rate then automatically business capital will be increase. You make millions of dollars.

That means On-page as well as Off-page SEO techniques helps to grow business .

How to Optimize On page SEO ?

Now we have seen in recent points importance of On-Page SEO, so we move to main task process of Optimize On-page SEO IN SIMPLE WORDS.

Here, we going to show what activities done in On-page SEO and How ? we will show keyword optimizing, content optimizing techniques. I hope, You will love the further steps and done with your website.

Steps to Optimize On Page SEO

Research keywords to target

Choose your topic, what you will write, in article for research keywords.

further, Simply go to keyword research tool and search the keywords relevant with your subject.

You will be got High, medium and low volume keywords , to rank better target medium & low volume keywords.

 In every article , Use targeted keywords at the start of article or in first 100 words.

Title Name

Optimizing title name is the important parameter of On-page SEO

Title name should 35 to 70 Characters. 

Always use targeted keywords in your title, whenever anyone search on search engine exactly should match with their search query.

Meta tag

Meta tag is important in search engine optimization, it describe all keywords and description . It always writes between head tag.

  <meta content="What is digital Marketing, what is search Engine " name="description"/>
<meta content="SEO, Benefits of SEO, SEO types " name="keywords"/>

Above is the format of the Meta tag. There are various types of meta tags, but here we requires two meta with attribute name=description & name=keywords. 

Meta tag helps to webpage for search specific keywords on search engine which keywords written in tag. 

Search keywords relevant with your topic on Google Keyword planner, semrush or any platform and write properly in tag as well as in webpage or article.

H1 tag

Write h1 tag exactly as same as title tag, h1 tag always essential for page and most important part of On page SEO and your webpage.

It helps to google crawlers to understand your page structure to rank high in Search Engine results page (SERP)

Most of the platforms automatically put h1 tag as title tag and major heading is use for h1 tag in blogger.com  

H2 tag

Involve some targeted keywords of article in h2 tag.

Sometime users can search any points between website, due to these we should add h2 tags with sub points.

e.g   " Affiliated Marketing course in details "  is our main heading h1 as well as title tag

So, "Strategies to promote affiliate Marketing Products" is the heading with h2 tag
here targeted keywords is "strategies" . Means that someone person can search specific point in affiliate marketing course .  

h3 tag 

Use h3 tag will use for ordered list or number list points . It is necessary in On page SEO as well as on webpage for identify to the reader on what point you are discussing?

Use some targeted keywords in h3 tag or under and bold it . Also h3 will help to search webpage, whenever anyone will search points like in your webpages, this h3 can rank your site on search engine page result.

Types of workout is in h2 tag

1.  Pull ups
2. Push ups
3. Crunches   are in h3 tag, which are subpoints in heading h3 

keywords density  

When you write article, it is necessary to use main keyword in article. But, use many times or use less is bad to SEO website and that's result can come bad ranking.
You will need to use keywords by articles total word density. Mostly 1% - 2% keyword density is good for SEO.

Suppose, you have article with 1500 words, then you need to use targeted main keyword 15 times within article. And remember it to bold the each main keyword .

Linking pages 

There are two types linking pages , internal linking and external linking

Internal Linking

Internal linking is links on webpages on other pages or in articles on same website.

Both users and search engine can easily discover your other pages of website by using internal linking.  

on page search engine optimization SEO

In above picture, 'read full article' it means that it is internal linking of other article with this article which has shown in picture.

Your webpages may have various links, like articles, homepage, about page , contact, sitemap , privacy, terms and many more.

External Linking

External linking is links on webpages of website which refer to another official or unofficial content website. It is linking of outside pages from website.

It may be include Social media links, affiliate links or any other site links.

e.g <a href="upstox.com" >Upstox pro website</a>
This is an external link which refer another platform, upstox , which is high level website of stock market in India.

In above image selected blue part are links which are referring other sites ouside the website.

Always pass high Authority External Links on Webpage, that links will help to increase power of SEO.  

Google, blogger, Facebook , Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn are Some examples of high authorities website.  

Importance of linking in Search Engine Optimization

Why links are important to SEO Website?

Internal linking give direction to the Readers to read other article or to see more products on website, as well as It helps to Search engine and bots to discover your pages, that can Search engine will increases rank of your Website in Search Engine Page Result. 

While, External Linking is most important in SEO, which increases value of your website and search engines are quickly ranks pages, which page has high authority external links.

Images and videos

Add some images or videos relevant with your content in your webpage, that  helpful to reader to better understanding on your content.

Don't forget to to fill alt text and title text within image and video tag. Both alt and title helps to search engine to find your webpage within image and videos categories of search engine.

<img  href="content picture"   alt="content picture"   title="types of content" />

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