What is Search Engine Optimisation in digital marketing

What is Search Engine Optimization / SEO ?

Whenever we build own website or create blog website we need an web users or visitors, to increase traffic on website basically we share our site on various social platforms, but through these we can't get precise prospects or visitors who actually needs information on our website. To avoid these and attracting website relevant prospects we need organic search on search engine. whenever user fetches some query search engine shows results pages to them, further they clicks on website to get information. So to reach at first or near in search results on search engine we need to audit search engine optimization SEO of our website.

Before doing practice of search engine optimization (SEO) in website we will need to learn following topics, to get better results of your website :

  • Why SEO is important in marketing 
  • What is Search Engine Optimization SEO
  • Benefits to Search Engine Optimization SEO
  • Types of SEO Techniques

Why SEO is Important ?

Nowadays, We are looking, Internet users are growing day by day. And Every person search something on Internet that means on search engine.

We creates a website or blog to grow our business, write content or sell a products, which is useful to peoples and we want to sell those. But we have not engaged audience to our business.

You need an lot of audience to sell our products, so you think, "how website will be top in search result?" 

Then you search on Internet for looking top in search result, And you know there, need of Search Engine Optimization SEO.

Next question is , How to do SEO Website? So don't worry, Here I Will cover in detail SEO.  

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ?

Search Engine optimization algorithm which improve ranking or indexing in search engine results. 

Also, SEO helps to quantity as well as quality of traffic from search engine, even webpage designing included in them. SEO always target to the unpaid traffic. These may come from different kinds of search like image, video, book ,news, travel or books.

Search engine optimization is key factor in digital marketing. It helps digital marketer in pay-per-click marketing. 

Benefits of Search Engine Optimization


SEO helps to Making Website interactive, audience will be happy when they visits the site. You know that, today Market need useful as well as attractive in each thing, if not, then they don't spent time with our website. That's reason audience will not be engaging.

If make SEO friendly website, that involve title, meta, header, footer, contact pages and other design tags makes Interactive site and Users easily spent own time on your Website.

So Create an Interactive design With useful Content much Important and basic thing of SEO

  • Title name 
  •  keywords research
  • h1, h2, h3 header tags
  • Article density
  • font-colors 
  • background size
  • Links
  • Importance of Words
  • Images, videos and informative Images 


To be a part of Google Indexing nothing possible without SEO Website. If Website Not optimized as SEO, when Google crawlers visits site, they will ignore to index your Website in search engine. 

Due to SEO, Index pages can be shown in Search result.  


To improve rank of website as much as top, this is the main job of Search Engine Optimization. Ranking refers to position of our website content on search engine result pages. When Internet user search some query on Search engine browser, it shows some results on first page that's rank #1, it happened due to that website admin made SEO friendly Site, that can we look At #1 rank.

To Rank Web on Search results top is main Aim of SEO website.

Organic traffic 

Once website optimize as SEO, with larger, unique and user friendly content, SEO start own work to bring users on your Website. When Someone search query and you have specified those query words in tags, then website comes on top search results, that's helps in Growing Organic traffic on Website.

Google AdSense always loves organic traffic and paid good amount to Web admin.  

User friendly

Due to SEO, users can access everywhere in your website, and read content step by step means he reads better, that's reason he will engage with your website. 

If user likes your site, every time he use site for his problems or reading  purpose, he will become permanent audience of site.

Develop user friendly Website is main task of Web Developer or blog Admin.

To drive traffic

Maximum organic traffic will be better for site, and the more and useful content will help to better rank in search result page and if strangers visits your site, you can hold them by many push notification tools, and engaging for further content means Search Engine Optimization helps to traffic jam on Website.

Maximum organic traffic give maximum impressions, and maximum impression will give maximum Money. 

Simple to Search

It's gonna very simple to search information within website or searching articles to Internet Users on Search results page of search engine. 

When someone search information about website subject, and Website ranks at 10th page of search results, then nobody looks that 10th page to read information, all peoples simply click links on first page of search results, to read information that's why we need On page SEO.

To Grow Sells

If any person sells products  on website, and they done On-page SEO website with interactive design, of course their website looks in top search results in Search page, and selling rate of products will be increases.

business website must be needs an On page SEO to attract customers and to rank high in Search engine page results.

Higher Impressions

Website appears top at search engine page results, automatically organic traffic will grow, users can read articles or explore Websites and the proportion of page impression will be high due to high volume of visitors. So here will generate high income source to website owner.

High CPC rate 

High impressions will get high CPC rate depending on website user's location, if user come to website through United states, Canada, United kingdom, Australia and often countries, then Google AdSense offers High Cost per click rate, that can website owner make much money through Google AdSense.  

High CTR rate

If website ranks top in google or other engine searches by done on-page SEO, probability of click through rate CTR will be increases, due to higher impression of website and clicks on Advertise which offers by Google AdSense or any other advertise platform.

Click through rate CTR is calculated as CTR = (clicks of ad / page impressions) x 100     

Increases business Capital

Website ranks higher, CPC, CTR , page impressions or products promote at high rate then automatically business capital will be increase. You make millions of dollars.

That means On-page as well as Off-page SEO techniques helps to grow business .

What is a Search Engine?

Search Engine nothing but type of software system, that is specifically designed for search particular information by user's query over the Internet. So user can easily fetched needed Information as quick as.

Google, Bing, Yahoo are the Popular Search Engines And widely used in many countries.

What is Ranking of Website ?

To come in search result pages at better position, when Internet User search any query on Search Engine, this better position called as Ranking.

Types of Search Engine Techniques SEO

There are three types of SEO techniques, On-page SEO , Off-Page SEO and Technical SEO, all will much needed to improve ranking and performance of Website.

On-page SEO technique involve Control within webpage editor. like title, meta tag , header, footer, pages , Designing and lot of guidelines to rank website in search engine page result and to drive organic traffic. 

While Off-page SEO technique controlling from outside of webpage Editor for purpose of Increasing ranking of Website and Domain authority score. Link building, social media linking, backlinks, directory and more include in this.

And last one, Technical SEO, it involve Technical requirements such as crawling, indexing rendering  to improve organic ranking on modern days Search Engines. These tells to search engines like Google , Bing, yahoo value of Website to rank higher in search results page.

White Hat , Black Hat and Grey Hat SEO 

White Hat SEO 

White Hat SEO involves a tasks to Improve website Search Rankings on Search Engine Results page of Search Engine without engaging traffic by  Spamming Methods. It has always Quality traffic which is come from Search Engine and which ranking improved by quality guidelines of Search Engines.

White Hat Techniques involve following activities , that  should be done for Better rank :
  • Title as per guidelines
  • High quality content to generate natural links
  • Add Keywords with images, videos or other files as well as important keywords with header tags
  • Meta tag with keyword and description attributes 
  • Internal linking
  • Natural link building
  • On-page Optimization

Black Hat SEO

We know that black hat refers illegal works using black techniques in computer Science, Even in Black hat SEO technique Involve a unauthorized tasks to improve rankings of websites or webpages in search page results. Which work against the Google Webmaster and Bing Webmaster's Guidelines and also in other browsers.

Don't do the following Activities, that are considered as Black hat SEO :
  • Including bought links
  • Reporting a competitor
  • Article spinning
  • Duplicate content
  • Copy-paste work
  • page with phishing, viruses , trojans and more malware
  • Hidden texts and links
  • Guest posts with Networking 

Grey Hat SEO

Grey Hat SEO is mixed version of Black & White SEO techniques. It is bad or good technique for website is whole depend on Web admin, how more technique use both of black & white hat Technique. If used more black hat SEO , towards the bad and if less , so it is good. Don't Use Grey hat as well as black hat SEO techniques. 

Always Use of White Hat SEO is Healthier To Website and Search Engine results page , and possibility of  to banned website is more in Black Hat SEO.

You Can also start Your Own SEO agency or can become SEO Specialist, these is best online business to make money.


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