What is Content Marketing in Digital Marketing

What is a Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is form of digital Marketing which able to create, publish and distributing content to put front of the targeted audience to achieve goals of business like Sells & website traffic.


Creation of content which has value and it offers satisfaction of users in Internet. 

Content marketing goals

Content marketing strategy goals 

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Attraction, It's main goal of content marketing, in early days when digital marketing started, there hadn't need to attract prospect, easily sells was growing. Nowadays, lot of similar content has fallen on Internet. 

It's not possible to attract prospects easily. So, content marketing fulfils this need, and bring users at website by attracting on various social media platforms  

Today, to keep customer base is very difficult task. People's Want something unique and new things, that they understand easily. 

If you are blog writer and you just going writing lot material which is useful but not attractive, so you are wasting your time. Because, today much competition on internet. Top competitors stay updated and present something new on their blog, Hence, their user base stays with them.

Content marketing is one of the reason, why a lot of sales are being being generated in Marketing. It's like powerful weapon to win battle in a market. Using it's strategies, you will be ready to overtake thousands of competitors like you.

Content marketing will help you to survive your existence and to generate more sells, if you utilize proper way.

As I told above, Content marketing is weapon, just it use at right place. It may grow awareness of business or website. Awareness, is much important factor to drive visitors front of website.

If you provide value to prospect in various forms of contents, of course, he will trust your content and he will come to visit your Website. Further, you need to engage them to make your customer or permanent user.

To offer value to prospects or Strangers in content form is main aim of content marketing. It may seem to you, content marketing is way to make money, maybe that's why you came here. 

Although, It can be said that, it helps to you to give value to your business. Once, value will increases, so why money will not comes. Valuable business makes credibility and brand identity of your business. Credibility is quality to believe on somebody, and it's much difficult in market.

Amazon, tesla, Microsoft are top companies which goes high due to credibility. Even you need such credibility in market by providing valuable and trustable content.

Once, became brand identity, You will be able to attract fresh prospect by creating and sharing free priceless contents. It starts with by knowing an social user need.  

Further identifying need of social use, Information is presents in much different forms like

digital marketing free images

What are Content Marketing Tools? 

  • Images
  • videos 
  • news 
  • E-books 
  • Email newsletter
  • Case studies
  • Podcasts 
  • question & answer posts
  • websites 
  • blogs 

Content Marketing needs to consistence delivery of effective content and much more strategy . 

What does content marketer do?

As I mention above, Content Marketing just provide value to user and it not get Money. In Marketing strategy, Content Marketer just create valuable content and distribute it on various social engagement platforms. 

Let's see how content marketer distribute content :

The first and very important source is YouTube. It is big social media application, which open-source and free. Anyone can create channels and publish videos.

Nowadays, It's going very popular among people. Near about, all peoples are using YouTube for entertainment and to make money. 

Content marketer creates YouTube Channel and offers value of their products in free via free demo videos.

Let's see one example, A teacher has physics online lecture package which is paid, and they need to marketing of package. 

If they directly advertise of package and price, then possibility of engaging users very low.

In addition, they create Video's on important points on physics and publish is on YouTube. So, What are they doing ? He provides the value of their Physics lecture package, which is actual content, that's can more users will watch their videos and possibility of engaging users will be increases.

Many more Content Marketers provides value of content through images and infographics.

What is infographics?
Infographics is specific form of image, which have important information and various statistics in graphical form.

Why infographics has used in content marketing?
Infographics is another way to provide valuable content front of user. If anyone has blog, and he wants much engagement time on their blog, So he can add infographics to engage user. Once user's visit site, he will love to read infographics.

Infographics not only distribute on blog, also on Instagram posts, Facebook Posts and another social media platforms.

Podcast, question answer, case studies, News are another ways to provide value of content.

Best Ways to do Content Marketing

Even you have products or blogs and need to more users to engage them. So you need to do content marketing to attract users from various online social platforms.

To become successful in content marketing you requires to following things :

1. Content marketing planning
2. Free live demo sessions
3. Paid Advertising
4. Create YouTube videos 
5. Attractive infographics
6. Create Instagram posts, reel and IGTV
7. Tiktok Videos 
8. Offer free service for limited time
9. Engage Audience with questions and answers on social        posts
10. Cashback and discount also the part of content                    marketing.

In each Social Media post mention website name to increase traffic.


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