Why I had Started Blogging? As passion or income

Why I had Started Blogging? As passion or Income


The crisis that befell the whole world and he shook the whole world and all human beings. He no left behind anyone. Many more people were killed and much died. 


Then countries all over the world declared a lockdown. No anyone was ready to outside the home. All Doctors, Scientists' , Nurses , and government workers had become like soldiers on the battlefield to Stop Corona virus came from China Country. 

Due to lockdown, all industries, works & business , School & Colleges closed. The Corona Virus was spreading everywhere. Even number of patients and deaths was increasing rapidly.

I was then in my final year of Bsc Computer Science, whole 2020 year wasted in Covid-19. 

Starting of 2021

Some of lockdown were starting to open in 2021 begins and all businesses were taking setback after larger time of period.

Now, I had pass out final year in lockdown at home. Now it was time to job. I was searching for jobs on the Internet to make money for family Expenses. 

Aware with Blogging

One day I had search and read about blogging when i was searching online jobs to make money. But, I had some idea of blogging to make money, since I was in my first year. But at that time I had not whole knowledge about it . After, I had much studied about blogging. Here I understand How we make our passion, money, and even from home.

Starting of Blogging

Then, I decided to start the blog. I had a laptop which gifted by my family. I open the laptop, started Internet and Chose blogger as blogging platform. But I had no idea, What I Can write , after much thinking, I had selected Internet & Technology as my subject to write articles. I had written my first blog, "How to start a blog" . Due my English language better, I had no came any problem to write article. I had written article in 700 Words as per my Knowledge with good design. 

Further, I was gone with deep learning Digital Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and much more. 


Brand creation, trend analysis & style consulting

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