What is the importance of blogging

Why should Start a Blog ? 

Nowadays, The Internet reaches even small towns and village. Now matters, to say that it reach in everyone's hand. Children takes an online education, offices uses internet for multipurpose, even in house women takes help of the internet for cooking and to learn something household things. This means that today internet is being used everywhere today, and every person searching for something  at each moment. and We should take Advantages of the same thing.

what is importance of blogging

Consistently peoples are Searching ways to make money online by use of internet.
But, they can't earn more much or nothing 80% because of shortcuts, there is shortcut to make much more money on Internet. There are many advantages of starting a blog . To Start a blog is need of coming time . Starting a Blog similar to investing a big stock which will give more returns in upcoming time . Often times stock will fells down, but your written blogs will never fells down, it will gives you always much more benefit with time.

Investing In blogging is need of time, which will Gives 100% returns to us in many forms.

Advantages of Blogging 

Express yourself

Surely, You can share yourself with blogs or article. Blogging offers opportunity to every people to describe yourself with peoples by your own words.

Whatever You want to put in Words, So blogging is the best platform. If you have any niche or ideas about any subject , whatever you can write, then write it down in your articles blog. 

Your blogger account has your own written book. In that You can write your plans , about your life, how to live life such some points. As well as you can write about fashion, technology, travel etc. 

Work with passion

Blogging is best option to you to work with passion as well as your office or business work. What happens in people's life , they have passion about writing, but due to his work they have no time to cultivate own passion. 

Blogging works online, so peoples can write online platforms in own free time to cultivate passion. If you like travel and tourism , any cities or countries , you can write about it.

Aware peoples

Peoples love to share knowledge with peoples. Traditionally, one person can share own knowledge to 4-5 or maximum 100 people. But blogging has no boundaries, blogging done online with internet, so your written articles will be published widely in world. And your knowledge will aware people with your subject. 

Be Professional

Blogging offers to be professional personality with your knowledge. Always, you can inspire peoples by your knowledge, means you have capability to Solve questions of peoples or by teaching new methods of living life and fashion . So you will become professional with blogging and you can get official tag on Instagram or social media when you engage the big audience with you. 

Excellent Author

You can become excellent author With blogging, if you adapt strong research Skills, better understanding of SEO, writing skills , audience engaging skills, communication skills, content editing, making focusable content as well discipline and consistency.

Get Good Community

In blogging you get good community in which professional persons, that community can change your thoughts.

You can build your network with similar persons like you. Which helps to Increase your knowledge and who gives value to your words and is ready to solve your problems at anytime. 

You can find them on Google search or Social media, like Facebook and Instagram . 

Drive Audience

With Blogging, by sharing Your Knowledge you can drive large audience on social media. If your skills like to them they will fans of you. and that's benefit will be in Making money and selling E-book as well as to grow permanent traffic on Your blog and promoting products .

As Career

You can pursue blogging as  your full time career. Yes, with blogging can make lot of money rather than job person by giving your full strategies and focus . Often people work in blogging as career and earns $10 million per year with blogging. 

Ways to Make Money

With job you get just only one option to make money, but with blogging, you will get more ways to make money. That means you can earn from 10 ways in single platform by Internet Marketing Strategies on your website.

How to earn money blogging in 2021

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is best platform, who peoples start the blogging, even this platform is  better. Google offers advertises to publishers to display ads on theirs blog post.

Whenever you write unique and high quality content in articles against your competitor and doing On page and Off page Search Engine Optimization, so you can make much money with this.

Digital marketing

Blog is an important component in digital marketing. If you will going to learn digital marketing. So, first thing you should to learn blogging.

Search Engine optimization , content marketing, affiliate marketing, keyword research all starts from blogging. 

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing has best platform for earn money with blogging. Just paste the product link and optimize blog for SEO, that do rank high on Search engine page result.

Once your website rank goes high, So sells will be sells increases. There are much categories to make more money from blogging, that told in our affiliate marketing article.

Online Consultant services/ Webinar

A consultation or webinar is meeting with expert or professional persons to advice people. You can take such meetings relevant your subjects
If you are expert in subject, like health or gym, digital marketing, blogging, So you prepare your webinar and invite peoples to attend online.

By providing value, you can make money with consultation or webinar.

Online Store

We know big E-commerce Companies like amazon, eBay and their revenue. Even you create similar website like that on your blog. 

These is also best option to earn money with blogging . Open online store on your blog of own products, that will generate more sells of own products online.

WordPress, Wix are most popular content management systems which offers flexible online store on your blog.

E-books selling

E-book is book in digital form consisting text, images and infographics, which are readable on electronic devices such as mobile, pc.

So, you can create own high quality and unique content E-book relevant with your blogging niche and sell it on your blog to visitors. Also, you can sell created book on other platforms. But, blogging make your E-books awareness.

Nowadays, E-book is going very popular in 21th century. People wants to read on elctronic devices.

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