Best Keyword research tools for blogger : The ultimate guide

Best keyword research tools

Do You know? Why many bloggers leave blogging ? Often people's watch or hear blogging is the way to make online money from Internet on the various places.  

Mainly they selects blogger platform and sign up to account, starts to write by setting up. They don't know all factors related to writing blog, so they write 15-20 blogs, even some peoples copy content from another sites and paste it. They wait for some day to google AdSense and google not approve to them, finally they leave blogging.

Therefore, it is essential to understand all factors related to blogging. The Search Engine Optimisation is initial step to start a blog. But before that, Keyword research or keyword analysis is the most essential and valuable step to start your blog.

So, if you don't know what is keyword research, I have already mentioned in previous article. So you can read it and understand importance of keyword research.

So today, In this article we'll see best keyword research tools which can use to every blog writing. So let's start how to use these tools to research keywords :
  1. SEMrush
  2. Ahref
  3. keyword finder (Mangools)
  4. Google Keyword planner
  5. LongTailPro 
  6. Google Sujjest

1. SEMrush Keyword Audit

Do you know ? SEMrush is the most easiest tool to keyword research as per my experience. It offers much features while doing keyword research and other SEO activities.

It get's features like: 

  • Keywords finding by its root
  • Search Engine Optimization Activities
  • Competitor analysis
  • On-Page SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Rank tracking
  • Social Media Management 
  • Link building
  • Market analysis
  • Paid advertising
  • Website Monetization
SEMrush pricing starts from $199, but they gives 14 day trial absolutely free. There are three plans in SEMrush. 

I think you should be take benefit of free SEMrush plan, therefore you'll experience with SEMrush all features and keyword research and backlinks audit. 

2. Ahref Keyword Explorer

Second most Popular best keyword research tool is Ahref. It has flexible features to research keywords and its filters are good working. It gives free backlink authority features without log in and sign up. So if you want check authority of website, so you can going with this one.

Even this tool helps to website make SEO friendly. There are much flexible features are availables in Ahref to rank your website in search engine Optimization.

Ahref offers following features to SEO website:
  • Site Explorer
  • Backlink audit and analysis
  • Keyword Explorer
  • Site Audit
  • Content Explorer
  • Organic Keyword Searching
  • SEO toolbar
  • Domain Comparison

3. KW finder

Kw finder is also best and cheap rather than SEMrush and Ahref. Actually, specific tool of Mangools to keyword research and more SEO activities. This tools is new in market and which is growing very fast.

It's tool help to you to research precise keywords and show SERP ranks of keywords with results. Also, it gives high volume and low volume keywords to users. Even If you not able to take plan of SEMrush and Ahref, Kwfinder offers you much cheap plans and also it offers free plan upto few trails. You can take benefit of Kwfinder in free to purchase it. 

4. Google Keyword planner

If you have at initial level at your business or blog, and you aren't able to take expensive plans of keyword research tools. So, I have bonus for you. sure, you can use Google Keyword planner to research keywords.

It is free tool in world-wide, you can use this. Basically, it is developed for Search Engine Marketers to show advertises on Search engine Page results. The work to that keyword research is done at keyword planner. 

It is similar as other paid tools, but it has limited features. But, you can see volume, cpc, traffic using keyword planner tool, which is free. 



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