How to get United States traffic on your blog

How to target specific country to increase traffic on blog 

Recently in a previous article I have told you the various ways to drive traffic on your blog there are lot of advantages to to target specific for particular country. Google AdSense can offer cost per click on publisher advertise when anyone Clicks on advertise also possibility to get client from overseas Country.

You are doing a affiliate marketing then you can promote your business on international level by targeting specific country in your blog relevant with your niche. Do you know? United States, Australia,United Kingdom and many more Overseas offers big CPC cost on in the Google AdSense advertisement  or if you have any kind of tools which is paid that you can promote on a international level.

There are various terms need to you to get traffic from united states as well as other countries and that terms I will share with you to help you to get traffic from United's states (Usa).

1. Keyword research from Target Country

Keyword research is the first step to write each and every article. Generally while writing you optimise keywords from your country you don't focus on other countries.

Here, to target specific country like United States you need to research keywords from United States on keyword research tool in a filter by choosing United States in a country setting.

2. Write relevant article with Target country peoples

 second most powerful step Israel article relevant with your target country peoples interest. 

3. Domain name extension
4. Backlinks from Target Country
5. Google Search Console Setting
6. Local SEO techniques
7. hreflang tag 
8. Target Country language Keywords
9. Submit Blog to local Search Engine


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