What is a Email marketing

How to do Email Marketing in 2021

We have seen some information about Email Marketing in our digital marketing article. Here, in this article we will see Free Email Marketing course, please read carefully, may be after reading you will not need to purchased any expensive course

Email Marketing

Nowadays, everyone has email account for various purposes with growth of digital devices and Internet. Email has became need of future. 

Today, where email service is not utilizing, even teenagers students, school & colleges, university, larger & smaller companies, eCommerce industry i.e each and every person uses email service.

Lets, I introduce you what is an email, even if you know.

What is an Email ?

Email definition may stated as, Email is process to send or exchange informational messages between peoples or business companies using electronic devices on the Internet.

Lets see various formats of email user name:


Electronic mail is full form of email, because it use just on electronic devices like mobile, pc, laptop, tablets etc. Commonly peoples are called mail.

When Email was introduce, it send only texts content, but in an early days email server accepts, forward, deliver and stores dynamic content such as Images, videos, documents, pdf, and colorful contents.

When students go to admission in the college or jobs, there email has became essential thing. Without an email, nobody can't fill any kind of online forms. 

We seen, here tiny introduction of email and it's importance, such an email need to us while doing digital marketing

History of Email

Email was introduced in 1960's, but initially it was not fully worked, because it sends in same computer. Later, in 1971's Ray Tomlinson developed a system which exchange emails between users and servers. It had been sent by using @ symbol prefix to user name with destination server.

What is Email marketing ?

Email marketing definition states asEmail marketing is a specific form of digital marketing which utilize to promote products or offers by sending emails to broadcast of peoples or prospect to convert them into customers.

Email Marketing offers strategies while advertising product, like awareness, engagement, promotion. 

Email marketing was introduced in to starting 21th century, it was increasing rapidly with growth of Internet and technology.

DCE company was send the first marketing mail to 400 clients, and they earns $13 million revenue and from here digital marketing concept was born.

Why Email Marketing is an important ?

As I told above, everyone has email account in yourself device and they daily uses internet and other service, with these emails are also seeing. 

So, Can we use these peoples activity to our business?

Sure, no matters, In traditional marketing we use various large physical advertises to aware peoples with products. But, there we cannot advertise staying with prospects. 

While, in digital marketing it can do easy way. How can do it? Sure, by using emails we can do marketing. Once, we got an email list of group of peoples, so we will able to start email marketing to promote or offer products and services.

Email marketing is an important strategy of digital marketing, because using email we can exchange information rapidly with prospects in every country.

Also, It use to building relationship and trust with new prospects, and to keep update to current customers, to convince past customers. Email Marketing can change mind of peoples to purchase products from you.

Advantage of an email marketing

  • Increases awareness of products and services
  • Easily engage old or current customer and new strangers
  • To provide update product information to customer
  • Make customers from any country worldwide
  • Promote product to right prospect
  • Cheap cost as compared to other advertising
  • Helps to generate needy customer
  • Helps to generate high revenue
  • Can promote services in International Market

How to start Email marketing Campaign?

We've just told you overview of email marketing, let's see how actually start a email marketing in steps.

1. Choose Email Marketing Provider Service tool

These is first step towards become email marketer. You should need a good and best tools to send emails to your list. Choosing a trustable email service provider is important thing while doing email marketing. There are much email marketing platforms are available to do this one. They get profession email templates to you and email marketing best practices, so you can impress to your prospects.

If your email list is big like in thousands or lakh, bulk email marketing service tools helps to you for manage lists and mails, means these measures email metrics. There are some providers which provides free email marketing services. If you have chose any tools, check it's email campaign service. These are automated email marketing tools, if once we set mails it automatically sends to the bulk. If you don't have amount to purchase these service, so don't worry several free bulk email sender services are available up to few times.

2. Collect or gather Emails list to Bulk email Marketing

Before, starting email marketing ideas in your business you will be need emails list to sending promotional mails to prospects and to get sale. But, problem is that how to collects email addresses for these. In this tutorial, I have mentioned best way to collect email addresses.

Best Ways to collect or capture email addresses :

  1. Build Your own Website to marketing and get best domain and hosting service for it. 
  2. Create landing page to collect emails with email collection form.
  3. Create contact us form page, via these you get bulk emails.
  4. Create forum pages in website, whenever user will be sign up, they will get email to you.
  5. Offer free services like ebook and get email addresses to sent these services
  6. Run free offer advertises on Social media and even on search engine and get filling forms with email and other data
  7. Avoid spamming of websites, these get emails from irrelevant prospects 

3. Add bulk Emails from list in Email Marketing Account

Once You will got bulk email addresses, then add that emails list into Your email marketing account. If you have various products and services, then you split email list according to prospects interesting products.

Example,  someone should like to Web development course and some are want to learn digital marketing, even some wants fitness products. According to prospect interest you can collect and save email list.

4. Set Up Your Welcome Email

Once you have set email list according to prospects need, now you need to set up welcome email in tool. Welcome email message is entity of your business. So create welcome message template, if anyone subscribe your email throughout any method, your email marketing tools will triggers and sent welcome email message to subscribers. 

5. Create Template reusing purpose

Template makes bigger role whenever email visitor opens an email. If template is Good and beautiful which is attracting eye then definitely user will be opens your offer link and reach at landing page. To attract your prospects to get sales you need to best and eye catching template. Email Marketing template is very first impression of your products. It increases open rate of your email marketing and maximum emails opens then maximum sales will be drive.

6. Try to Practice Good Messages 

Create Good Messages to sent your email list. Whenever user will be open your email then he should read your message, what You promote and what offer you, such things will be mention your user about your products.

7. Preview and test Emails

Create Email Marketing Sample Letter to preview and test your messages. Whenever You will sent email message to bulk, you should take care to avoid mistakes in spellings and grammar. You should need to use user friendly words in you email message. Check your template design and landing links. After that preview email by sending test mail on any your other mail or your related clients.

8. Send Emails to Your Collected List 

After getting your related clients response you will able to send emails to bulk. Create more email messages according with your products and sent to the users which included in bulk.


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