What Is PPC? The ultimate trainer- Pay per Click (PPC) Marketing

Occasionally, You have heard about PPC and it's sure every online guy's aware with term PPC. Even if, You don't have knowledge of PPC or You have some, although I'll tell you in deep, What is PPC and How it's working. 

PPC is a Marketing tactics, generally digital marketer or Online advertisers use it to advertise and the promotion of products or online services packages. Perhaps, Even you come here to learn PPC and here You'll get lot of knowledge about PPC, and also we've cover all points related with Digital Marketing in Previous articles, after reading it you can see that.

Let's see Overview of PPC,

What is Pay per Click ?
Working with PPC Marketing
Role of PPC in Search Engine Marketing SEM
Benefits of PPC to Promote Products 
PPC Campaigns 
PPC Platforms

What Is PPC ?

An actually PPC is standing for Pay Per Click Marketing, it's typical form of digital or internet marketing, which utilizes to advertise products or services in which advertisers paid money on each click of the advertise.

PPC is easiest way to earn more sells and make money via cheap advertising. There are lot of benefits are in pay per click marketing and that's we'll see.

Do you know? Search Engine Marketing, in this advertisers show ads at search engine page results (SERP), it's most popular version of Pay per click marketing (PPC). Search Engine advertising allows to digital advertise creators to bid for ad placement on specific keywords on search engine page results.

How Pay Per Click PPC Marketing Works?

Pay per Click Marketing is particular digital channel, displays much advertises on itself. Let's see by a SEM example When anyone user will search query related to that specific keywords on search engine, then particular advertises will show to user, but money won't paid just for showing up. When that user will be clicks on that advertise, amount will be deducted from advertisers account for specific bid keywords.

Let's understand with a example, if you want to promote backlinks, you will bid on buy backlinks keyword, and any user will search query in search engine by that specific keyword, so advertise will show up at the top of search page results to that user.

search engine marketing
Source : Google Search page

When User Click on our advertise so automatically he redirects on our website, then we will be pay per click to search engine. It's best way to generate more sells just by paying for entry of a customer to our website. Perhaps, we pay $1 to each click advertise, but that click may be return $100 to us, means pay per click advertising isn't waste of money, it give back some value to advertiser. 

Do You know? PPC isn't limited for search engine Ads, also it's in involving video Ad, Gmail Ads, Shopping Ads, YouTube Homepage Ads and even it displays on Games and many more, Even Google AdSense display advertises on various blogs, websites and applications  via PPC model.

Keywords Research for PPC

To become Successful in  PPC, a market have need to understand that's factors and keyword research is one of them. Keywords are similar like planting seeds in farm in PPC model, to do PPC Marketing without analysis keywords can harmful to digital marketer.

Google PPC

It seems to you, after running PPC advertise campaign, your landing pages ranks at top in search engine. Sure, it can be happen when you focus on important keywords. Let's see below image,

PPC SEM Google Example
Source: Google Search Engine

In this image, Buy shoes under 2000 is a long tail keyword, which has searched in Google search engine and it fetched result page, at right corner of page exactly shown shoes which are less than 2000. If any prospects searches buy shoes under 1000, results not shown to them. Means, what is aim of keyword research in PPC is to reach up to accurate prospects who actually need our products.  

YouTube PPC 

Now, let us see how PPC working on YouTube. You can see below image, I have searched on YouTube Search Engine for Hostinger keywords, and search engine has fetched results video's but above that it shown advertise relevant with keywords. 

Hostinger is web hosting company which provides hosting and domain services to website. Search engine has shown similar companies advertises, when we click on ads, we reach on their landing pages and they will pay for our click to reach their.

PPC youtube Ads
Source: YouTube

Benefits of PPC Marketing

  1. PPC increases brand awareness of products or landing pages.
  2. It drive right customers which needs our products.
  3. Due to pay per clicks it doesn't waste advertisers money.
  4. It's going very easy to promote affiliate marketing services and products.
  5. Also it increases website users.


Many people think Search engine optimization and Search Engine Marketing are same, but they don't know real difference between them. Both techniques drives traffic to website for promoting products and services or increasing brand awareness.

  • SEM has paid search per user click, while SEO fully free organic search.
  • SEM requires Ad campaigns to rank in search engine page results, while SEO needs an activities inside and outside of webpage.
  • SEM campaigns can run for affiliate services promotion, whether SEO has not.  

The Pay per click Marketing PPC Campaigns

Do you want promote products with PPC? So for that job you will need to run advertise campaigns on search Engines like Google, Bing, YouTube and other social platforms with specific format.

Let's understand structure of Campaigns, it involves Ad groups, Keywords, Keywords match type, Negative Keywords,   Ad Schedule, Ad structure , location target, Campaign budget and landing webpage to drive customers to promote products.


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