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Top Indian Bloggers with Earning get best Massive Knowledge to perfect Blogging

There are many people started their blog to make money, they write lot of articles work hard to rank their blog in search engine result page of Bing, google or any. But due to lack of precise knowledge of blogging, they not earn much or occasionally they stop at that place. But, they don't know actual power of blogging, they wants instant success to make more. 

To become successful in blogging needs not just hard work in writing blogs, but also needs consistency and patience's. No one bloggers in world who succeed in just at starting. Every bloggers faces problems at theirs earlier stage. To get improve in any work, we get knowledge from experienced peoples from same fields. Similarly, when that question comes from blogging We need get knowledge from experienced bloggers. 

Hey I'm Satyam Today In This article, we'll going to talk about top best Indian bloggers who make much from just blogging and we must should teach from theirs inspiration.

1. Amit Agarwal has found by the Amit Agarwal in 2006. He is top blogger in India. Amit Agarwal income is $60k to 70$k per month from just single blog. Currently, he use google Adsense as a primary earning source to blog. Amit Agarwal writes blogs just on technology. 

He is professional software engineer, so he has build web tools on his website and get attracts much traffic to make money. Reverse image tool, XML Sitemap generator tool is shown in his website. 

2. Harsh Agarwal is a Harsh blog website. It has founded in 2008 while he had doing Job, After sometime he had leave the job, and pursued fulltime career as a blogger. 

Now Harsh Agarwal income has $50k to $60k just from blog. He isn't uses advertise network to blog, instead of that he gets more via affiliate marketing. Harsh Agarwal writes blogs related to digital marketing, WordPress, hosting. Also, he publishes their earning reports and tips to become successful blogger on shoutmeloud website. He get acquires much traffic from united states, united kingdom, Canada and even much from India.

3. Anil Agarwal has founded in 2011 by Mr. Anil Agarwal. He makes $10,000 to every month from their blog. He makes overall income just from Affiliate Marketing. Once in interview, they told he writes 2500 to 3000 words in single blog, and at one time he had sell their one blog website at price $35k due to his bad financial in home. 

But Due to his massive hard work again he has started blog and he has ranked lot of pages at first position on google search engine and has get much success in his career.

4. Jitendra Vaswani

Jitendra Vaswani is passionate blogger and affiliate marketer. They have founds Internet marketing blog bloggerideas.

 Before starting a blog they had doing job, but after got good success Jitendra leaves his job. He said in an One Interview, his income is 10X times job, near about all income generated via Affiliate Marketing.

5. Amit Bhawani

Amit Bhwani is a founder of PhoneRadar, MasterGadgets. His income is $17k (Approx.) per year. 

He Runs his Successful blogs, he is Search Engine Optimizer. He give updates on technology and information through his blogs.

6. Kulwant Nagi

Kulwant Nagi is founder of . He Started his blogs in 2012. He is professional blogger, affiliate marketer. He complete Diploma in Electronics and communication and bachelors in Institute of Technology and Managment.

7.Ashish Sinha 
8. Srinivas Tambda
9. Arun Prabhu Desai

Arun Prabhu Desai is an big YouTube Creator, He gots near about 9 Millions subscribers to their channel. But before starting a YouTube Channel, he had a blog, means he stared his career from blog. He had publishing reviews of mobiles and electronics devices on blog

Now, Arun Prabhu desai income is 5-6 lakh per single video he earns and even from sponsorships.

10. Jaspal Singh
11.Shardha Sharma
12. Raju PP
13. Dassana
14. Anjali shah 
15. Pranjal Kamra
16. Ankit Singla
17. Dheeraj Sharma
18. Anuradha Goyal
19.Archana Doshi
20. Piunika Sharma
21.Anand Khanse

Who Are the top bloggers in india?

As I mention above bloggers are the top bloggers in india. They have very popular blogs and they make USD 50k-100k per year just from blog.

Who is No 1 blogger in india ?

Amit Agarwal is the No 1 blogger in India. 

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