What it Multi Level Marketing (MLM) ?

 What Is MLM / Multi Level Marketing ?

Points To be cover In this Tutorial :

  • Definition Of Multi Level Marketing (MLM)
  • How does Multi Level Marketing Works ?
  • What are Examples of Multi level Marketing ?
  • Why Multi Level Marketing is Bad ?
  • Is MLM Good or Bad ?
  • Is Multi Level Marketing Pyramid Scheme ?
  • Top direct selling Companies

What is Multi-Level Marketing/ MLM ?

Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) is specific model of marketing a goods or services via network of the People to increase sells.

Network Marketing or Direct Selling are similar terms to the Multi Level Marketing.

How Does Multi Level Marketing Works ?

The Multi Level Marketing or Network Marketing is similar like the tree, for example tree has single root and from which tree begins to germinate (Increase) and branches begin to grow. Similarly in MLM, business starts from single person and which one refers another two persons, one at right side and left side. Further, that both of each refers another two persons at own both sides right and left side. Next, these activity continues and each joined individual in these refers two persons.

How these networking of people starting ? Generally, anyone can establish Multi level Marketing Company. Person or Group of peoples build a software of Network Marketing and offers a Goods (Products) or Services in market. They decides actual value, profit distribution of products (Profit may varied with company). In Multi Level Marketing every company decide own profits and its distribution, and in that manner they builds software.

MLM Software may be mobile application or website, company built all features accordingly with their algorithm. There is a Sign Up page, log in page, payment dashboard, linking persons dashboard (Upline and Downline), sold products dashboards and revenue.

In these company keeps meetings and invites the prospects with the help of already joined person. They Explain business plan and earning ways via that company. If anyone interested in them, then they get join to that one. To join company some amounts of money will be pay to them, after paying amount they sign up for the company and gives login credential and associate tag to that joined person.

After linking pair of persons associate person will be able to get payment. Next, the more pairs increases revenue and promotion of the associate.

What is Upline and Downline?

Upline is person who join you and their upline, while downlines are every persons under working you. Upline teaches to new associates how to work, how to explain business plan to the strangers and prospects.

Is Multilevel Marketing Good or Bad ?

Often peoples says MLM is very bad, some says due to experience and some without experience. I think Multilevel Marketing is not a bad, but it has should some legal authorities. Very first things is, what product company is selling? Many fraud companies make money without selling goods or services just circulate money and some sells useless and cheap products in expensive amount.

Best product is identity of every company and selling good and useful product to the peoples is responsibility every company in Multi level Marketing Industry, Otherwise it is deception of the people.

Before joining any Network marketing company peoples should be check government records and products of the company. Some MLM's are pyramid scheme, which are illegal.

Out of 100% peoples who joined multilevel marketing or network marketing 95% peoples can't make pairs of persons and lose much money, so that peoples says MLM is bad. But, remaining 5% peoples makes lot of million dollars, so that says MLM is good.

Is MLM is good or bad all is in our hands, our hard work decides where we have included in 95% or 5%. Even I have loses my lot of Money in these due to my own personal reasons. But I know the power of Multi Level Marketing.

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