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Blogger Sitemap Generator for Website [XML Sitemap Generator]

Do You Know, What Is XML Sitemap and How to add XML sitemap in blogger? XML Sitemap is protocol file of all URL within website or blog, Which permits to search engine's webmaster to inform Search 


Whenever Crawler explores whole website it checks all webpages of website and finds all error's and index webpages which error free. Even if any error that shows in webmaster of search engine.

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Google has webmaster known as Google Search Console, where we can audit and check the performance's of website.  




Types of Sitemaps in blogger


There are two types of Sitemaps first one is HTML Sitemap and second one is XML Sitemap, both helps to search engines crawlers in crawling each page of website or blog.


The difference between both is just, HTML sitemap create on webpage and XML sitemap creates using tools or via URL. Generally, HTML sitemap webpage makes for human's eye means not a robot, user can access any page of the website very easily and XML sitemap file makes for robots [Crawler, Spider, bot].



How to Add Sitemap In blogger

Generate XML Sitemap for blogger by our Blogger Sitemap Generator Tool-






1. Edit your domain name in by copy above whole text

2. Go to Webmaster of search engines. [Google Search Console or Bing]

3. Tap three lines left corner icon, Open sidebar 

4. See sitemap option in sidebar

5. Tap on Sitemap, and window will open

6. simply, paste like above in sitemap input bar

7. Your XML sitemap will be ready

8. Go to URL inspection, and re-index your website or blog 



Why XML Sitemap is important for blogger? 

  • XML sitemap gives permission to crawlers of search engine's 
  • It inspects each and every URL of  site
  • It works to index each URL of site
  • It's a activity of search engine optimization (SEO)
  • It's help to rank websites 
  • It's checks Internal and Externals links within website

HTML Sitemap Generator

You can Generate HTML Sitemap for website. But, before that You should know why HTML Sitemap is important in website and What work do this. After that, we discuss How To Generate HTML Sitemap and How it Add to website page.


Unlike XML sitemap, HTML Sitemap creates for user experience. Whenever any Internet user visits your website, he should easily access your all webpages of website thought sitemap pages. Even at taking advertise networks approval, they understand whole structure of websites. It means HTML Sitemap shows road to every page of website.


How To Generate HTML sitemap :

1. Choose HTML Sitemap Generator tool 

2. Enter Your website domain name in input 

3. Hit generate button

4. Tool will provide webpage file, this is known HTML Sitemap File

5. Add that file in webpages file of your website panel



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