How To Start a Blog for free - [Let's Begin]


How to start a blog free and make Money


Hello, you are starting a blog for the first time, So you should go for understand things related with blog


Otherwise people's what do, due to lack of knowledge starts create their blog and quit as earlier. So that, before any startup, takes information is much essential to success that's.


Mainly all peoples make a blog to earn money or to do online business. Before, money and create blog we need to understand all working process to make money from blog.  

  • What is blog Website?
  • Why should be starts a blog?
  • Types of blogs that makes money
  • How to create a blog for free
  • How to write a blog for free
  • How to become blogger 

What is a Blog ?

A blog is an informational website which creates on content manger System (CMS), On CMS anyone can makes own website to publish content all over the Internet in world.


With blog website, we write articles about any subjects and publishes on Internet to read our article and that readers called as website visitors.


Further, we may be promote products or advertises through our information to make money from starting a blog. Here, in this article I mention for blog beginners, how to create a blog for free and make money.


Why should we Start a Blog in 2021?

Become a great blogger is need for today, more than 20M peoples choose as career has seen in the New York Times , TIME magazine.

In USA it founds that 81% of bloggers made $2500 from blogging for entire year. In India there many bloggers who makes blogging as full-time career and generate $10000-$60000 .

Do you know, how much bloggers make money from starting a blog. There are lot of ways to earn money from blog. Like, personal blog branding, affiliate marketing, Google adsense advertising, native advertising and promoting blogs and more, that's why I tell you how to make blog.

Types of blogs that make money 

  • Personal blogs
  • Business 
  • Lifestyle
  • Music
  • Fashion
  • Food
  • Sports
  • News 
  • Internet and Technology
  • Health 
  • Fitness
  • Travel and tourism
  • Technology
  • Great thoughts 
  • Geographical
  • Historical
  • Informational


How to Start a Blog in 7 steps

There are seven steps are requires to start successful blog, I have mentioned these steps in proper manner, If you follow these priceless steps, you will create your own blog in next few minutes and you will be able to generate passive income on the internet.


1. Think ideas or subjects (niche) to start blog

2. Select best Content management system platform (CMS) 

3. Purchase web hosting and domain name to your blog 

4. Setup domain name to blog 

5. Optimize the theme/template to blog 

6. Start to write your first blog article

7. Optimize Search engine Optimization [SEO] to Your articles and blog website increase its score




Step 1 . Think idea and select subjects to write articles of blog

Before to start blog, you should need an idea or subject to start a blog and write lot of articles within blog. 


So think, What will write and  how much content posts of that idea you can write. Otherwise, You will start a blog and leave at intermediate. So to start, planning is much necessary thing. 


Some examples to start blog are technology, tourism, story telling, cooking, historical, geographical and much more are niches or subjects are available to start a blog. So, You can decide anyone subject of them to start successful blog.


Step 2 . Select Content Management System (CMS)

After planning, thinking  and deciding subject next step comes is, to Select Content Management System (CMS) Platforms which you think simple to handle and understand.


To understand CMS is important, otherwise it's going to much difficult to embed and optimize things relevant blog in future. Hence, Select simple platform to start a blog. If you have knowledge of coding, so no problem otherwise you can start blog in blogger as beginner. 


Blogger is content manager product offered by google. It is very simple to use and understand. Main thing is, blogger is free open source to any user. Some CMS take charges.


Here, I have mention best blogging platforms to start a blog

WordPress & blogger are most popular platforms in world. Both are the Cost effective CMS platforms, often peoples are using WordPress CMS because it's much simple, creative and flexible platforms. 


Once Chose CMS platform, You need to go their official website. First, register to yourself their by sign up with Gmail account and password. 



Step 3. Purchase web hosting and domain for blog

Now, you have need a domain and hosting service to start a blog. This is big decision to which domain name you want. 


If you are starting blog first time, may be you don't know what is domain and hosting service. So, a Domain is a url address and identification of the website, while web hosting cloud storage of website to store data.


Every website on the internet which ranks higher in search engine page results have professional domain and hosting. There are lot of advantages of the domain name to blog. Here, some of them I mention :


  • First impression of site or blog 
  • User friendly
  • Ranks higher in SERP
  • Increase brand awareness of website
  • Identification
  • Monetization
  • Instant Advertise Approvals

Even if Now, you have no money in pocket to purchase web hosting and domain, don't care. Why? Near about all content manager platforms offers free subdomains to start blog.


But, these subdomains has limited benefits. It has free, means you haven't need to pay. You can't get features like premium templates, plugins with free subdomains and also you can't earn more money with these. To rank higher in search engine pages is near about impossible to free domains.


So, to get more benefits and earn money from your own blog website you requires a professional domain name.



Step 4. Set Up domain name 

After purchased web hosting and domain name, you need to set up it in your CMS Platform. To Set domain I have given full procedure in this article.


Read : How to set up domain in blogger? If you haven't blogger, So you can contact me for help. Simply, go to contact us section and fill form and I will help you.


Step 5. Optimize theme to blog

Lets I tells you how can you optimize blog with interactive design. To make interactive blog requires a theme.


Theme is a user interactive body of blog, which in attract your users and responsible to regain user. 


A theme should always be such that the user like to read your article. Also should attractive and simple so that users reads more articles easily and finding articles. In other words theme help to you to design your blog exactly in proper manner like official websites.


You may be decide a blog theme on your content manager or can embed from external sources on the Internet.



Step 6. Start to write Your first article

When you will complete above stages as I mention, start to write your first article in blog. You may think now that I'm ready to write anything now. But wait, If you want make money and rank top in search page of search engine, then you need to follow some steps while writing the article. 


That steps of process is called as Search engine Optimization (SEO) of a website. There are various methods on various content management system platform to SEO website. 



learn How to write blog


Do you know what is blog writing, to write SEO friendly blog you needs to following things to write perfect blog, otherwise many bloggers writes anything.

  • Title in 35-65 characters
  • H1 tag (major heading)
  • H2 tag (Heading)
  • write unique paragraphs in article 
  • Add bullet points or number points
  • color to important phrases
  • Add images with alt and title tag
  • Embed YouTube Videos
  • Avoid redundancy of content (duplicate)
  • Avoid copy paste from external sites


Why blog articles should be unique ? 

Uniqueness in article is much important while starting a blog. Search engines like Googlebing are ranks those articles or webpages on search engine page result, which are unique. If your articles is not unique, then to rank and get organic visitors is nearby impossible to every blog.

Avoid copied content 

Duplicate or copied content from others site is very harmful to blog. Even if you have good rank in search engine page results, redundancy of content decrease your rank from google and there are chances google will be remove your blog sites. 


If article has redundancy of content or paragraph, then advertise publishers never approval websites to display advertise. Even Google AdSense will not approves website. 


After writing article you will publish it an update time to time . In beginning You can share your article on social media with your contacts .


How to Become blogger Successful

In previous steps I have told how to set up blog and in this I'll tell to you how to  become blogger successful in this blog sector, for these you'll requires qualities in yourself, which are I mention below :




Massive Thinking 

To select the best topics or subject and write 1000-1500 words article isn't joke, so for this has need an massive thinking. For writing you have need accurate grammar skills and lot of technical skills like keyword research, search engine, optimization.


Massive Action

You want success in blogging, you must need do often things, like domain purchasing, backlink creating and many tools which are using to blog, that's capacity should you have.


With all these things you should have patience, consistency. Because, that will not happens, you earn money from first day or rank in search engine pages in one day. Yes but of course, One day you will be success if you have patience and consistency. You will have a lot of trouble while doing blogging, but don't give up. 



Thank you,


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