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When you started your website, You don't know about backlinks or if you known, although you ignored this. While doing Off-Page SEO, You have known the importance of backlinks in Search engine optimization (SEO)


It might be some people are coming to here to understand actual concept of backlinks. Let's see overview of this backlinks article.


What Is Backlink?

How do backlink works?

Types of backlinks

Benefits of backlinks

How to get more backlinks 

How to check backlink score


Let us first of all Backlinks definition, What Is Backlink?


backlink is actual domain or page url of website which links to another external websites via linking keywords to increase off-page SEO score of our website.


Search engines like Google, Bing refers these  external websites to rank our websites in search engine page result, i.e these external linking url increases value of our website.



How do Backlink Works?

We have seen definition of backlink, may be you've known what is this, but you don't know How backlink works let's I'll tell to you, working of backlinks.


Nowadays, backlink is backbone of every website, it has an important role in off page search engine optimization (SEO), it increases strategy of website.




The simple way to learn working of backlinks is example, assume you have fitness website, you write fitness and its related articles on it, you need to rank top in search engine pages result. Also, your website On-page SEO score is better, but off-page SEO is very poor and one's of yours competitor's (let's say Neil) Off-page SEO is good, So who will rank on search page ?


Of course Neil will ranks, why? due to his Good off- page SEO score and he have created more backlinks on external websites. Search engine's crawler looks all backlinks on external websites and offers ranking to websites according to number of backlinks.


In other words backlink increases domain authority and page authority of website when it puts on another high authority websites. 



What is Domain authority (DA) of website ?

Domain authority is metric of domain of website, which calculates depending on number of backlinks, and authority of external websites which have our backlink. It simply called DA.



What is Page authority (PA) of website ?

Page authority is metric of single webpage of website, which calculates based on number of webpages links to external websites. Commonly it is called PA. 


Do you know? DA and PA metrics have developed by MOZ. It not develop by any search engine. DA and PA metrics have ranges from 0 - 100. Maximum backlinks with high domain authority offers maximum numbers in DA, PA.



Let's see, how DA and PA works ? As shown in above image, there are three levels of websites X1, X2, X3 according their authority. X1 level websites has some authority score has given backlinks to level X2 websites, and circles are increasing, means their authority is increasing and at X3 level there is big circle, means X3 level website puts backlink in two X2 level websites, which are increasing authority of X3 level website.


Types of Backlinks 

Basically backlink has categorized into two types, Do follow and no follow backlinks. Do follow backlink is most important, while no follow less



Dofollow backlink is html anchor link code without rel attribute, while nofollow backlinks contail rel attribute with nofollow value.


Now, you have question,  what is difference between dofollow and nofollow attributes. Let's see what is nofollow backlink. 


When external website admin create anchor tag with relation nofollow atrribute on their website it tells to to search engine crawlers to ignore that link. Means nofollow tags doesn't provide value to website. It can be say, it not helps to rank higher in search engine page results.


While, dofollow backlinks gives permission to search engine crawlers to follow that anchor tag website. Near about all peoples like to put dofollow backlinks on external websites and this is very hard task. This type of backlink offers help to improve SEO score, authority of websites to rank higher in search engine page results.


Always remember to check authority and spamming score of websites which on you have want to create dofollow backlinks. It might be harmful to your website. So, always create quality backlinks and with your targeted keywords, which may help to rank high.


How to create backlinks?

To create backlinks on high domain authority websites isn't easy task, for these you need a lot of hard work, here I have mentioned ways to create quality backlinks.


Social Media Optimization

Nowadays, there are lot of social media platforms have available to us. Near about all offers to put our website link. So optimize social media platforms and put your website homepage link on each. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp business, twitter, linkedin, pinterst and more are available.


Business directory

These is gorgeous way to increase backlinks and drive traffic on websites. Add your niche as business in all directories which are available for you. Google My business is global business directory, which is product of google to register business with google map. You can search on Internet for business directories nearest to you.


Guest Posts

These is little hard way to create backlinks. Type query in Google search "your niche +Write for us" and you get sites who want guest post, next read their guidelines. write and submit your article with your dofollow backlink.


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