What is Digital marketing [ Let's Start Now ]


What is Digital Marketing in 2021 [Let's Start Now]



We know that, What Traditional Marketing is and how to advertises of products in them, business owners wants to advertising of their business and products. 

Further, they make big banners to advertise business or products and they put them up in the city or on the side of  street. Often people views that advertising banner when walking on the street

Now, the advertisement has saw many, but can you tell exactly, who has saw the advertise? Means there were students, men, women. Also we can't tell exacts numbers of viewers and whoever interesting in that product, and even if any interested person in that product, even we cannot reach up to them. 

Now, We'll see What Is Digital Marketing? 

We know all, How Internet users are increasing rapidly. Near about all villages, small towns, cities as well as in mountain and sea area Internet has reached. If everywhere reached, although why we aren't taking benefit of it.

Let me tell you, How you can create yourself big existence in the market and earn in million USD.

What Is Digital Marketing ?

Digital Marketing is an advance form of marketing in which digital tools use to promote and advertise products Online on the Internet.   

As we were advertising in traditional marketing, We want to reach to the people to promote products and business. Even in digital will do same task. But here we'll promote on the Internet or digital platforms.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

1. Data Analysis

As in Traditional Marketing We couldn't told, who view our products advertise banner, but in digital marketing we can do data analysis. 


People who has viewed advertisements of products, we can gets statistics of all details of their to engage them to promote products. Like Name, email , Phone number, gender, location.


Not only this, also digital marketing offers product interested customers, we can also get the statistics of the people who are interesting in our product, who like our specific product.


2. Unlimited Customer reach 

Once got data analysis of peoples, We can reach up to them via social media like YouTubeFacebookInstagramLinkedIn and more.


I will tell you in form of example, what is unlimited customer reach? 


Two person wants to sell student services like courses, E-books or other study material to the students, and if first one is doing traditional marketing to sell their courses like posters, banners , then they reach just up to limited customers in city or town. 


Elsewise, Second person doing it by digital marketing like Facebook, YouTube Ads , So Second can reach up to unlimited customers in city, big town as well as country where services language is suitable.


Digital marketing has no boundaries to promotion of products and services.


3. Product turns into brand

Digital Marketing offers to the business owners to turn simple products into brands. After, everyone will ask, How digital marketing make products as brand?


You know that Amazon.com, It is top branded branded E-commerce company which sells lot categories products. But, they not became brand in single day, week or months. They have been doing much advertisement on Tv, mobiles and forced to believe on product, and strength on that belief, they have become brands today.


In the same way, will done in Digital Marketing. We need to continuously advertise products and services on desktop of Internet user to believe, utilize to make our product as brand. 


Desktop may be Pc, laptop, mobile, tablet, Radio, Tv, Led etc.   


4. To Generate More Sales

In traditional Marketing, peoples were see products advertise and few of them, came to buy products just from limited area, i.e out of 100% viewers 25% only had purchasing.


While, doing digital marketing, we are going to advertise products to many peoples from many places and such persons who are interested in your product. So as result out of 100% of 70% people will purchase products. 


i.e if you have sold 10k E-book copies, possibility to sell 6k-7k. This is strategy to promote business using Digital Marketing methods.

5. Cheap advertising cost

Advertising means lot of money came. To make banners, posters or to publish in newspaper ads more money spends in traditional marketing and also result no come good. 


While, doing digital marketing, you no need to spend much money. Because, no need to several big banners or posters, so in this we advertise single images or videos at many places.  


6. No wastage of money

A owner of cosmetic & beauty expensive ladies products and he want to promote them, for this he published advertise in Newspaper. Next, that newspaper serve in often places in city. What will happen next?   


All Newspaper readers not purchased products, means ad in newspaper has showed those person, who have no need of that products and owner pays money of them who not see ad. 


Conversely, if he advertises using digital marketing, so advertise would watched that ladies who need that cosmetic products and if she click or watch full advertise, only then owner's money deducted. 


i.e In digital marketing advertise money will be deduct, when that see.


7. To avoid risks

In traditional marketing may several types of risks. Like financial risk, product trend risk, informational risk, statistical risks, reputation risk, payment risk.


But, in digital marketing, no such types of risks due to low costs, big marketplace, fulfil information, data backup, branding product and online payment options.

8. World as Marketplace

As I told in above points, digital marketing is such type of marketplace where we can promote or advertise products in specific town, city, state or country, i.e we can promote products and services world wide.



Digital Marketing provides a unique marketplace for doing business around the world.


Marketing or promotion of products and services online on the Internet by using Social Media means digital tools known as Digital Marketing.

Internet Marketing, Online Marketing , E-Marketing are other terms of Digital Marketing . 

Digital Marketing include Email , Social Media , Web-Based Ads as well as SMS and MMS. 


Promote a brands using internet and Social Media is a main aim of Digital Marketing .


Digital Marketing offers marketing campaigns, that are appear on PC , tablets, Mobile Phones and other Electronic devices. To promote brands,  campaigns are in form video, Ads and social media posts.

What are the types of Digital Marketing ?

Before learning Digital Marketing, you want get understand and develop these important types :  

Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing offers much importance in digital marketing. Without Content Marketing promoting a product is impossible. It can sell, but not more copies. 


Content marketing is act to give valuable free content to user to aware brandness of products. You can offer content via many platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and more Social platforms.

Understand Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is special weapon in digital marketing to promote and to aware products and services. It is a much simple and easy way to reach products ahead of prospects.


Social Media marketing Campaign helps to digital marketers to promote business, services and products. Even who works in affiliate marketing industry.


Social Media is big platform to connect customers  in worldwide and make lot of money. I have given how to do social media marketing read it carefully.

Email Marketing strategy 

Email Marketing is another form of digital marketing to promotion of products. with this we can advertise  product offers, that can prospect will be engage.


Another benefit is email marketing able us to reach old customers again and again. 



Search Engine Optimization  [SEO]

Peoples who are beginners in digital Marketing to understand search engine optimization very hard to them. Even if is difficult, I have learned in easy way in my SEO article. You can read it.


Basically, Search Engine optimization (SEO) is activity which helps to rank website at high position in search engine page results. Without SEO rank high is impossible.


Simple method to learn SEO in practical form is to start own blog or website and try to rank it, automatically you will be aware with SEO.

Search Engine Marketing [SEM]

Search Engine Marketing is similar like search engine optimization, but to perform SEO there is no cost means you need some activities, while search marketing is paid campaign offer by search engine.


Search Engine Marketing perform for increasing customer base of products or services. In SEM, advertise shows on targeted keywords. It is also good form of digital marketing.


Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate Marketing is specific form of digital Marketing which works on principal of Refer an Earn


Work of Affiliate Marketing is very easy, just copy link from affiliate Marketing Program and paste it in your blog or Social media posts and stories or can send in WhatsApp, telegram or personal messages and SMS.


Also Affiliate Marketing called as Revenue-share or referral Marketing . In which company offers commission to any affiliate (any person or any Organization) on referral to consumer .


There are much categories are available in Affiliate Marketing to promote products. Electronics , Garments and fashion , Software and Services , Games , Health , hosting services. But Software industry offers big commission which is up to 70% and to promote software via link is much harder work.


Read full Article : [ Affiliate Marketing grow your sales 10x ]


Pay-Per-Click Marketing (PPC)

Pay per click marketing is digital marketing type. It works to drive traffic on websites to promote services, apps, software. commonly peoples called PPC.


This is best online marketing strategy rather than traditional marketing, because in this advertiser's pay money when users clicks on Advertise.



Read full Article : [Let's Learn Pay-Per-Click Marketing ]



What are Skills required to learn Digital Marketing ?

1. Awareness

What is Awareness?

The activity which helps to provide information typical products, so that this product will be stay in peoples mind, called as awareness.


Awareness is the key to digital marketing. It tells to users actual importance of the products.


Before buying someone, they check review and awareness, they should have aware of your company. You should need to create awareness about your product or service, to show your existence. 


Initially every product not a brand, if your product is really useful and consumers interested in it and How much efforts give to increase awareness, then product become Brand Product .


Ex. " A college boy watching Facebook video ad of new noise cancelling headphone." After watching advertise, he has became aware with headphones which are noise cancelling and very useful. 


2. Engagement


Engagement is act to engage prospects or strangers until not become customers.


This activity helps to digital marketers to build brand products. Even if You get a prospect, who is interested in your products. You need to engage that prospect until he will not purchase your product.


You can engage to prospects on social media, via emails, advertise, conversation, phone calls conversation, SMS and more.


3. Consistency

If you have started digital marketing recently, so you haven't get success quickly.

Here, you need to give efforts and dedications. Consistency is key of every business. If you gives efforts consistently, one day you will be successful in digital marketing.


4. Advertise Creation

To promote advertises of products on social media or via emails you need to create attractive advertises in video, images form. It is key factor of promoting products.


There are many software's are available on Internet to create images and videos.


5. Social Media Campaign

Social campaign is activity to advertise on social media and emails. Promotion of products need to reach products on online users, that work done in campaign.


There are various campaigns available on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube .


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