What is Web Development [Let's Start To Learn]


Learn What is Web Development 

Web development is task to build or design website or web applications to publish on the internet or world wide web by specific programming or coding language.


Often times, student doesn't know difference between coding and programming language. But, both terms are same. Facebook, Amazon are the best examples of web applications.


To build website requires a knowledge of programming languages, depending on these languages Web development has two types front-end and back-end development.


Front-end development involves graphical design to make interactive view of website, while back-end development involves to create server-side functionality and designing of database to perform website tasks and transactions.


Often peoples wants to become web developer, but he doesn't know the actual way to it. Here, I give what is web development and web developer and types of it's. What needs to become web developer and more things cover in this articles. Just if you learn of knowledge of coding, so you real carefully following. 




What is a Web Developer ?

Web developer is person who develop website using programming languages or coding. 


Depending on programming languages, web developer has categorized in three types front-end developer, back-end developer and full-stack developer.


Let's we see in details What does web developer do ? step by step.




Types of Web developers in Web development

1. Front-End developer

Front-end developer is a person who experts in a front-end programming languages. He has coding skills to design actual view of website to display on web browser and to interact users on the Internet.

Front-end development languages :  

HTML (Hyper text markup language), CSS (Cascading Stylesheet), JavaScript are the front-end languages use in web development. These languages designs structure, elements, animation and each content which displays on the webpage.




What is HTML ?

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. It is a document of website to be displayed on desktop of browser.


It's base of every website on world wide web. Without HTML build a website is impossible for everyone.  


HTML document sends to browser and it displays structure of webpage in proper manner. Browser receives HTML document just only when that document has saved by .html extension. 


To write and display webpage HTML language needs codes or tags. There are lot of HTML tags are available to design webpage. Title, head, Body, Input, button are the some HTML tags which displays on webpage. 



What is  CSS?

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet. It is document of style which gives specific style to HTML elements. Style may be involves size, shape, color, animation of elements.


CSS document connects to HTML document can be write internally in HTML document or externally. External document save by filename.CSS extension.



What Is JavaScript?

JavaScript is programming language, uses in front-end website development. It is high-level, multi-paradigm language which designs user interactive dynamic webpages.


The syntax of JavaScript written within script element of HTML document or externally document, which saves by filename.JS extension.



2. Back-End Developer 

Back-end developer is a person who have experts in back-end programming languages. These types of developer builds functionality to website which works backside of the webpages.


Back-end Work cannot see by human eyes or it is different from designing.


Examples of back-end development are :

1.     When we submit college exam form, they gives response message to us, that response is created in back-end side of website.

2.     Another example is, when we searches any product in Ecommerce Website, the website fetches some results according with our query.    




What are backend programming languages ? 

Backend Programming language are server-side framework to build functionality to website, application or software.


Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, Perl, Django, Swift are the most popular backend languages.


While, building a website, PHP is commonly used for backend development. It is very popular language in the world. Many Web developers prefers PHP to build Website.  




3. Full Stack Developer 

Full stack developer is person who experts in both frontend as well as backend programming languages. He handles both clients-side and server-side of the application software.


Full stack developer perform works on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, Python, PHP and many more languages.


Also, He handles MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and more database languages to transaction purpose.


In this article we have seen, overview of web development and types. But, next things is how and where to learn coding skills? It is easy work, if you have Pc or laptop.


You can start on Notepad or any content edit software. Write the code you want in new document and save document as filename.html


Further to execute code, go to Internet browser and put your filename.html in input, browser will be display design as you input in document.


Thank You,


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